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SSX113 - Synth Class - Korg Triton CLASSIC / RACK

Sales Price: 69 €
Discounted Price: 49,00 €
This library consists of a large archive of 38 very cool sounds inspired by the textures of early DT with Kevin Moore, 80-90's rock bands, and a lot of vintage tones inspired by the legendary 70's progressive bands...
Added by Synthsound


The pack includes patches and splits inspired by the textures of Kevin MoorePink FloydToto and many others classic bands. There are many sounds such as organ layers, raw synth leads, directly taken from the 80-90's world with a unique sound taste. Each sound has been processed squeezing as much juice as we could out of the korg dsp! Ideated, designed and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ). Enjoy these 38 new patches !

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Patches List: ( Combi C - Prog C ) ( *Samples in Patch )
Hammy Clone
New Wailing <+3>
DX7 Power Lead
VeloWha Lead
Dw8m Lead V3
More Soft Lead
Organ Groove
Hammy Clone II
Dw8m Basslead
Dw8m Saw Lead
Sw8m Square Lead
Dw8m PWM Lead
Shine II Lead
Oct.Strings Riff
FM Piano Riff
Dw8m Lead
Dw8m Lead II
Jd- Atmos Piano *
Troy Horse Lead
JD Groove
Atmos Split
No End in ToTo
Echoes Patch Sw
Money -Y
Any Colour you
Shine On Patch
Shine Solo
Empty Spaces
JD Crunch75 / JD Crunch75 V3 sw2
Ramnfire split
Metropolis 1 / Metropolis 2 / Take the Pad *
Surrounded Split / Metro Stack / Jd Stack I - II *


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