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SSX102 - Ultimate Leads MKIII - Korg Triton LE / TR ( 55 presets )

Sales Price: 69 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
This is the best leads collection ever made on TRITON LE / TR.
Provides a lot of professional leads, like the legendary Liquid Lead, Monster Lead, Key Solo and so on, 55 new patches...
Added by Synthsound

SSX102 - Ultimate Leads MKIII - Korg Triton LE / TR ( 55 presets ) - Details

Ultimate Leads MkIII contains a very large collection of "prog metal leads and sounds", inspired by the greatest keyboard players: Jordan RudessDerek SherinianKevin MooreMichael PinnellaJens Johansson and so on... This is the best leads collection ever made on TRITON LE / TR55 new sounds designed and performed by Alex Di Donna ( SynthSound ).





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Patches List: ( *Samples in Patch ) 


Liquid Lead 
The most famous JR lead.

Liquid Wah
New JR distorted wah lead (-Y).

New Wah Lead 
A revolution for the new JR main lead with 2 feedback variations on both (+Y) and (-Y) by pressing sw2.

Pig Riffs 
Powerful heavy keyboard sound useful to make groove with guitar.

Vintage analog / modern 
2 variations JR moog mostly used in Octavarium. 

Monster Lead / Dly 
2 Legendary Monster sounds inspired by the textures of Derek Sherinian ( Dream Theater, Planet X).

Key Solo * 
The faboulus Key Solo: first octave is the bass section; knob 4 adds damper so you can play the whole section without pedal. 

B4 Clone / New Clone 
2 variations of organ tones. 

Fuzz Poly / Lead 
2 variations of classic fuzz lead.

New Wailing <+3> 
Famous lead sound inspired by JD800 wailing lead mostly used in early DT records.

Power Lead 
Classic FM synthsis lead inspired by Johanson keybordist. Useful for power stuffs.

VeloWha Lead 
A variation of Wailing lead with wah effect synchronized with velocity.

Dw8m Lead 
Classic DW8000 lead sound inspired by the textures of Kevin Moore keyboardist.

Soft Lead 
A soft lead tone inspired by Dw8000 early Korg synthesizer.

Continuum I / II 
Wonderful patchs that allows you to ricreate the textures od Octavarium suite by DT. Lower section - pad; upper section - keytar lead sound.

Fuzz Poly II/ Mono II 
2 variations of classic fuzz lead.

Organ Groove 
Classic percussive organ sound with custom leslie emulation.

New Wave Filter 
It is a filter flangered sound used both on FII and live. - Y adds octave strings layer.

Powerful rhodes with distortion: you can control distortion tone with knob 3 and 4 ; knob 1 adds a flanger to the rhodes.

Universe Arp 
A motion pad patch with arpeggiator. Sw2 adds organ layer.

DS FrangePad 
A flanged pad used live by DT. 

DS Groove X / II 
A custom Derek Sherinian signature groove tones based on Nord Lead.

Modular Lead A lead that gives a nod to the analog tones with a light fuzz distortion.

Monster Solo sw2 
A split with fastsynth pad and monster lead. Sw2 adds more delay. 

I&W BassLead / KM Lead / KM Saw / KM Square / LTL / Live lead / II 
6 variations of classic DW8000 synthetizer sounds featured in I&W collection.

TOT Wah Lead 
A great lead sound inspired by ToT album.

Jordan Sitar 
A sitar sound inspired by JR sound.

Wiza-RA Lead 
JR lead mostly used on his late solo projects.

JR lead used on OTBOTA song.

PF Shine II 
A classic lead with delay that winks to PF sound. 

JR Stumbled 
Split: lower section bass and heavy guitar sound;upper section: pwm lead with vibraphone. Sw1 and sw2 transposes momentary by octave.

DD Riff 
Another Derek Sherinian - Planet X signature groove tones based on Nord Lead.

Motion pad patch with arpeggiator and strings.

Steel lead / II 
A lap steel sounds simulation.

Awake Strings 
A strings sound inspired by the famous DT album.

JR Rev. Piano 
An atmospheric piano with reverse envelope.

80's Ballads 
A tipical Roland 80's piano inspired by JD800.

A mysterious piano sound inspired by Derek Sherinian - Planet X.

2116 Patch 
Arp/Piano & Pads patch inspired by Planet X song "2116".

Monster King 
Powerful acid groove sound useful for heavy riff parts.

JR Home Sitar * 
A sitar sound with tablas and violin lead inspired by Home song.

Kurzy classic sound. Slider adds rotary speaker simulation.

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