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K27011 - Ultimate Leads - Kurzweil K2700

Sales Price: 69 €
Discounted Price: 49,00 €
Here you can find both analog type leads and digital type, from the softest to the heaviest, pads and other sounds... 52 new sounds !


This new collection for the new Kurzweil K2700 includes many of the lead sounds you've heard from progressive rock and metal bands like Dream Theater, SymphonyX and Stratovarius. In addition to this, aggressive strings and organ sounds are also included, useful for playing in a purely rock and metal musical context. Thanks to these sounds you will be able to greatly broaden your musical horizons and understand how much this extraordinary synthesizer can offer you in terms of sound personality. Enjoy with these 52 new sounds !



Sound Banks recommended by KURZWEIL

Patches List:

• Resoglider Lead
• Super sync lead
• Unison
• Vel Sync
• Runaway
• Sawnoise
• SquarePerc Lead
• Revers crash pad
• Sync pad
• Moving Lead
• Sweetsaw lead
• Saw lead
• Saw lead2
• Modular glide
• Beast Organ
• Modular Sawglide
• Saw sweep
• Sawbrass
• Slow Strings
• Sine lead
• Square Perc lead2
• Pig
• Unison2
• SoftReso
• Saw T Lead
• Lead inemo Saw
• Pinella 1
• Big band
• Violin|harpsichord
• Scram Lead
• Shaped Saw
• Fuzz Wha
• Reso mod wheel
• Squarsaw
• Square t lead
• J800 Memories
• Oxygene 4 lead
• Ballad Lead
• Org dist
• Super sync lead2
• Sync pad
• Sawbrass2
• Sine lead2
• Squareperc1
• Unison Stumped
• Monster poly
• Soft saw2
• Squarsaw 2
• Square t lead 2
• Liquid T lead ik
• Wha guitar lead mn
• Inemo sitar

Kurzweil ® is a registered trademark of Young Chang Co., Ltd. which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for