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SCL61 - ( Bundle ) DisKovery PF Anthology + PF MKII - Kurzweil Pc3 series

Sales Price: 128 €
Discounted Price: 78,00 €
This bundle finally makes available all the production about the sounds of the historic British band in a single product. A meticulous and professional exploration of the Pink Floyd world through 99 sounds on your Kurzweil!
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Finally available the bundle that features Diskovery PF Anthology & PF MKII for PC3 Series: 



Synth Sound is proud to announce the release of the new EVO ( Enhanced V.A.S.T. Objects ) Sound Library exclusively for your Kurzweil Pc3, Pc3K, Pc3A

It is the first collection of samples and programs inspired by the most famous songs by legendary band "Pink Floyd"... many more samples and programs will be provided in the next release adding value to owners of Pc3 Series. This extensive sound collection has been developed with maniacal attention to details. Over 74 new sounds entirely programmed from scratch for the Pc3 series. Ideated, designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ). 

Patches List

Pink Wurly
Animals Lead
Dark Moon Pads
Leslie Floyd I
Slow Solin
Leslie Floyd II
Solina Strings
Speak to Rhodes
Colour Dly Lead
Leslie Floyd III
Dark Moon Bass
Cigar Lead
Wright 70's
Solina StrDly
Hey U Rhodz
Pink DeepBassmoog
Leslie Floyd IV
Wright 70's
Poly Brass Numb
Mother Bars
Pigsy Perc
1977 AnimalsRhds
Happiest Orch
Fly Saw Brass
Wright Leslie
Slow Numb Mix
Fly FM Layer
Killer Pad
Signs Pad
Prophet Hell Sync
Wright 1970
Astronomy Echorc
Take LFO
Pink BassPedal
Perc Days PF
WYWH Minimoog
Volume Slide
Machine Lead
Division Pad
Phaze Chimes 
Sorrow Arp Synth
Another Strat
Run Like a Strat
Shine Minimoog

Time I
Have a Patch
Learn To Patch
Pink's Opera
Pigs Patch
Shine II
Mother Patch
Hey U Patch
The Great Patch
Dogs Solo Patch
Comfortable Orch
Leave me now
Any Colour
Echoes Patch
Talkin Patch
Endless Patch
Coming Patch
New Shine Patch!
SOYCD Studio



A collection of sounds inspired by the most famous songs by Pink Floyd. We made an update version of PF Cover Pack MKI adding some previously unrealeased sounds with a more realistic ambience. 35 new programs and setups compatible with your Kurzweil Pc3.

Patches List:

001: Dark Wah Rhodes
002: Diamond Lead
003: Leslie Floyd I
004: Slow Solina
005: Leslie Floyd II
006: Leslie Piano
007: Speak To Rhodes
008: Colour Dly Lead
009: Leslie Floyd III
010: Dark Moon Bass
011: Dark Moon Pads
012: Coming to Pad
013: Leslie Days
014: Turning Pad
015: Dark Wah Wurly
016: Inside the Pad
017: Sorrow I
018: Cigar Harm Lead
019: Hey Wurly
020: Leslie Floyd IV
021: Dark Phase Rhodes
022: Mother Bars
023: Happiest Orch

001: Diamond Setup
002: Become Numb
003: Time I
004: Time II
005: OOTD Setup
006: Echoes I
007: ITF I
008: Have a Setup
009: Sorrow I
010: Diamond Setup II
011: Lap Steeel Wheel
012: Learn to Pad


Kurzweil ® is a registered trademark of Young Chang Co., Ltd. which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for