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PC4015 - Brass & Fisa - Kurzweil PC4

Sales Price: 19 €
Discounted Price: 9,00 €
Brass Sound Pack for Kurzweil PC4 is a new collection of sounds that reproduces the most used brass sounds in the music industry... 32 new sounds !


Brass Sound Pack for Kurzweil PC4 is a new collection of sounds that reproduces the most used brass & fisa sounds in the music industry. The high quality sounds will allow you to reproduce the best of the sounds of brass world on your workstation. 32 new sounds programmed and performed by Andrea De Paoli.



Sound Banks recommended by KURZWEIL

Patches List:
Hybrid Brass
1984 Brass
Jumps 2 Evolving
Attack Brass
Analogue OBx
Fat Brass
Jumps3 Evolving
Imperial Brass
Analog Brass 2
Special FM Brass
FM Brass 1
FM Brass 2
Analog Vs Real
Super Analog Br
Square Brass
Brassy Pad 2
Brass Section
Brass Section 2
Brass Section 3
Brass Section 4
FM Warm Brass
Analog Vs FM Br
Brazilian Accord
Piazzolla Combo
Argentina Fisa
Argentina Fisa 2
Argentina Fisa FX

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