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K27002 - K-Wizard - Kurzweil K2700 ( over 100 presets )

Sales Price: 69 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
Useful collection to cover some cool stuff by Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess: over 100 new sounds ready to play!
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K27002 - K-Wizard - Kurzweil K2700 ( over 100 presets ) - Details

This library was created especially for all those who are lovers of progressive sounds. In particular, these sounds will give you the opportunity to recreate sounds that wink at the extraordinary Dream Theater band. Jordan Rudess is famous for collaborating with Kurzweil during the 90s and then for becoming the official keyboardist of Dream Theater. In this pack there is all his experience in the layering of sounds at your fingertips.

100 sounds of various kinds; you will find pianos, organs, many leads, pads, but above all split sounds useful for covering JR's solo projects. All ... with the typical character of kurzweil sounds !



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Patches List:
- solitaryshell(slider 1 active same sound in 3 different octaves when playing)
- solitary shell 2(lead)
- solitary shell5(use sustain to play slide guitar)
- Pre verse dxpno (under a glass moon)
- Preverse bell (take the time-under a glass moon)
- organo & leslie
- synbell mk1(take the time)
- riff bell mk2(take the time)
- take time SLD1(Slider 1 volume string layers)
- 6dgssintro(zone 2 mute piano) Slider 1 volume layer 1..slider 2 volume layer 2
- clear piano k2600
- pull o end(string organ split)
- Pull guitar stng
- Pull riff(split string left)
- pull0(lead)
- edge jr 1
- edge jr choir
- edge jr pizzicato layers percussion
- edge jr 11
- edge jr 12
- edge jr 6
- edge jr 7
- Chitbass (very nice bass guitar dist , like jordan rudess morgenstein parts on left hands)
- clavs
- pizzicato and percussion
- dynamic trumbet
- over intro(a lot of split sounds with percussion and pwm layers)
- Crystal voices
- Bell across(nice bell)
- phase swimmer(fx)
- 4,5 pole(nice lead saw)
- saw image lead(good lead emulate dw 8000 lead)
- gLASS WEB(xylo,bells, sound)
- pullorg(organ splitted in lower and hi part of keyboard with same octave)
- gtr stng (pull me under clean guitar)
- saw imae lead 1(another great lead from images & words)
- orch 6 dgss intro(huge orchestral program “all in one”)
- take the timestr
- mFaRnisrcu(percussion pogram)
- Metro percu (another percussion program from I&W)
- Wispy one (pad string)
- DX Rhds(good e piano DX fm)
- SickoSynco (sync lead)
- Fluty lead
- Solitr Lead(solitary shell main lead)
- Brt concert pok (k2600 brite piano)
- slight guitar (clean metallic guitar)
- hip brass
- Liquid T Lead

Full Song Setlist:

-Over the edge


-Screaming Head

-Pull Me Under

-Solitary Shell

Kurzweil ® is a registered trademark of Young Chang Co., Ltd. which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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