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LDX219 - E-mu Vintage Keys - Native Instruments Kontakt - Full Version ( 14 presets )

Sales Price: 29 €
Discounted Price: 19,00 €
E-mu Vintage Keys for Native Instruments Kontakt Series is a new collection of sounds that reproduces the atmosphere of the 80's with high quality samples... 14 new sounds!
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LDX219 - E-mu Vintage Keys - Native Instruments Kontakt - Full Version ( 14 presets ) - Details

E-mu Vintage Keys: A Sonic Journey Through the Eighties

E-mu Vintage Keys for Native Instruments Kontakt transcends the boundaries of a typical sound library, meticulously crafted to transport producers and musicians directly into the heart of the sonorous landscape of the 1980s. This exquisitely curated collection boasts pristine, high-fidelity samples captured from the legendary E-mu synthesizers and modules that indelibly shaped that vibrant era.

E-mu, a pioneering company synonymous with groundbreaking sampling technology, produced a pantheon of revered instruments that became the bedrock of countless iconic hits. E-mu Vintage Keys captures the essence of these sought-after machines, allowing you to seamlessly integrate their warmth, grit, and undeniable character into your contemporary productions.

However, E-mu Vintage Keys goes beyond mere emulation. Renowned sound designer Alberto Trullu, whose expertise graces countless productions, has 14 evocative new patches that unlock the full potential of these classic sounds. From the soaring leads of "Bigsolosqr" to the otherworldly textures of "GlassPipe" and the pulsating basslines of "Moog bass," each patch exemplifies Trullu's masterful sonic sculpting.

The included patch list offers a tantalizing glimpse into the vast sonic palette provided by E-mu Vintage Keys. It encompasses tributes to legendary instruments like the E-mu Emulator II ("5th mini") and Roland Juno series ("Juno"), alongside evocative patches that beg for exploration ("Dfiftease"). E-mu Vintage Keys empowers you to weave the unmistakable sonic tapestry of the 1980s into your own creative endeavors, making it a potent tool for producers and musicians alike.

Key Points:

  • Pristine, high-fidelity samples captured from legendary E-mu synthesizers and modules.
  • 14 evocative new patches by renowned sound designer Alberto Trullu.
  • Vast sonic palette encompassing classic sounds and evocative textures.
  • A potent tool for weaving the 1980s sonic tapestry into contemporary productions.



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Patches List:
5th mini
80 fuzzpad
Huge Sem
hugeob brass
Moog bass
Phase alert
Round mini

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