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SCL180 - Resonance Piano ( Petrof Piano Sampled ) - Native Instruments Kontakt

Sales Price: 49 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
Piano Resonance for NI Kontakt ( 6.22 or later ) is a wonderful sampled piano featuring its natural resonance through an advanced technique of sampling. This piano is useful for both classical and modern context. You will be surprised by its brilliance and dynamics...
Added by Zeta!

SCL180 - Resonance Piano ( Petrof Piano Sampled ) - Native Instruments Kontakt - Details

Resonance Piano is a Kontakt instrument created by Graziano Cammisa under the pseudonym ZETA!

Resonance Piano was sampled from a PETROF Mod. III piano, residing in Palazzo Roberti di Mola di Bari, on the 16th of January 2020.
The piano, owned by the municipality of Mola di Bari, as well as the historic building in which it still resides, does not have a precise date, nor is the municipality in possession of documents as it is the result of a donation from the previously owner family of the building, but it should be dated to the early 1900s according to reports from municipal employees.

I had been thinking about a special project for some time that had to do with sampling special instruments. In short, I was wondering if sampling and creating a virtual instrument could have the purpose of preserving the original instrument; I was wondering if it made sense to sample an instrument in order to conserve it, photograph it and make it imperishable, immortal; I wondered how I should go about the whole technical process to make sense for the conservation purpose.

The first point was to find special instruments that had a particular story to tell and not just a unique sound.
The second idea was to leave them where these instruments lived, to capture their real life, there in the place where those instruments had lived and not simply their sound in a perfect recording room.
The third and final question, which goes hand in hand with the second, was to preserve as much as possible the sound of the room as it was.

The Piano of Palazzo Roberti, in the days immediately preceding, had been cleaned, overhauled and tuned, even the municipal employees tell that recovery and restoration work had been done on the soundboard by a specialized technician.
He resided in a stone room, whitewashed, now empty, with a ribbed vault that served as the entrance to the historic building, and which, alas, directly overlooked the main square of the town, exactly next to a bar.

It was perfect for the first experiment, so I gave it a try !





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I arrived at Palazzo Roberti when it was still dark, I waited for them to open me while it was dawning, with the bar still closed and the square deserted.
I had little time before the shutter of the bar was raised and the first workers arrived for breakfast.
I did the best I could and dodging in a daring way the sound of the passages of the very few cars outside which obviously entered the microphones, as well as all the noises of the town that was waking up, I returned home with my PETROF Mod. III of Palazzo Roberti in Mola di Bari, sampled at dawn on 16 January 2020, to preserve its life for as long as possible.

For this I have to thank the Municipality of Mola di Bari and in particular Pasqualino for the patience, the wake up call at dawn and the desire to indulge this little nerd madness, really only cost me a lot of patience and a coffee!

Resonance Piano is not the Perfect Piano, but it is THAT piano !
It was sampled quickly, in a few layers, without round robins, but it is authentic and perfectly represents an instrument in its true place of life.
Its reverb is an Impulse Response sample from the real room in which the piano spent its life; it's not a perfect room either, but it's really that room with all its tonal characteristics that contribute to the sound of the instrument making it special.

You may be wondering, therefore, if this is just a delusional quirk of postmodern archeology or if actually Resonance Piano is a nice Kontakt instrument to play in one of your songs, but you have to decide this yourself with your taste and your attitude ... it certainly is authentic and vibrates with a very personal sound !

This piano has been designed by Zeta! .

Audio Demo has been performed by Alex Di Donna aka Synthsound.

Native Instruments ® is a registered trademark of Native Instruments GmbH which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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