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RCL001 - Strassburg Organ - Nord Keyboards ( 29 presets )

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
"Strassburg Organ" sound bank includes 29 new high quality church organs sounds for your Nord Keyboards.

RCL001 - Strassburg Organ - Nord Keyboards ( 29 presets ) - Details

In the parish church of Strasbourg (Austria) there is one of the greatest historical baroque instruments of the Carinthia region. The church is consecrated to St. Nicholas and was built in 1432–1460, most likely by Hans Chorch. In 1464 the church spire was finished and in 1630-1643 the church turned in Baroque style. In this period the side chapels and the facade were modified (1640). The west choir is made as a starry vault in the late Gothic style.

Johann Cyriacus Werner (Graz, Austria), a famous organ builder of the time, built the organ in the year 1743. The case was made by J.F. Fromiller in 1748 and is divided into two main pillars, one on the left and the other on the right, which contain the Hauptwerk and Pedalwerk respectively. Sitting on top of these two pillars, two statues are placed, symbolizing Saint Cecilia (patroness of musicians) and King David (king of Judah). The small Positiv is located right in the center of the organ case.
Virtually no changes have been made to the barrels over the years, which means it is still in its original condition. In 1969 the organ received a restoration by Orgelbau Pirchner (Vorarlberg), who probably replaced the original console and installed the chromatic keyboards.

The organ has some noteworthy features:

- The console is integrated in the left tower. The organist sits just below the organ
- The pedal stop Kontrabaß 16 ′ has its own box behind the main organ case and the pipe mouths face the church wall
- Chromatic keyboard manuals play notes one octave higher for lower C # and D #
The Organ was captured with the use of multiple condenser microphones combined together in order to keep the original sound field as much as possible. We added some Nord FX in order to recreate the same ambience.

Its configuration is as follows:


Prinzipal 8'
Gedeckt 8'
Gemshorn 8'
Oktav 4'
Flöte 4'
Quint 2 2/3'
Oktav 2'
Oktav 1'
Mixtur 1 1/3'


Gedackt 8'
Prinzipal 4'
Flöte 4'
Oktav 2'
Mixtur 1'


Kontrabaß 16'
Subbaß 16'
Oktavbaß 8'
Gedacktbaß 8'
Oktave 4'
Posaun 16' 

"This Nord library is a collection of samples only"


Download instructions for this sounds pack

Patches List:

Gedeckt 8 + Flote 4
Gemshorn8 + Prinzipal4
HW Flote 4
HW Gedeckt 8
HW Gemshorn 8
HW Mixtur 1 13
HW Oktav 1
HW Oktav 2
HW Oktav 4
HW Prinzipal 8
HW Quint 2 23
PED Gedacktbass 8
PED Kontrabass 16
PED Oktavbass 8
PED Oktave 4
PED Posaun 16
PED Subbass 16
Pleno 1
Pleno 2
POS Flote 4
POS Gedackt 8
POS Mixtur 1
POS Oktav 2
POS Prinzipal 4
Prin+Ged+Gems 8
Prinzipal 4 + Flote 4
Prinzipal 8 + 4
Prinzipal 8 + Gedeckt 8
Subbass16 Prinzipal 8+4

The samples that correspond to the single stops play over the entire range of the keyboard (therefore they also reach the 88 keys) while the combined samples (2 or more stops) play ONLY on the notes corresponding to the real ones of the organ, this means that the notes they may have differences in volume and timbre exactly as they do in reality. The combinations of several registers are however extended to the highest and lowest notes by extending the last real note.

Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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