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LFO095 - 1983 Retro Soundset - Nord Lead 2 / 2x / Rack ( 150 presets )

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 35,00 €
Get ready for most warm & authentic patches for Swedish red beast... 150 new presets!
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LFO095 - 1983 Retro Soundset - Nord Lead 2 / 2x / Rack ( 150 presets ) - Details

Get ready for most warm & authentic patches for Swedish red beast!
Nord Lead 2x became a classic in the decade due its authentic “analog-like” tone among other v.a. synthesizers & having lots of fans around the world... 150 new presets !



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Single Patches:

NK Badass Bass
NK Vintage String
NK Interval String
NK Analog Bass
NK Interval Analog Bass
NK Detune Power
NK Retro Bell
NK Slow Pad
NK Dark Bass
NK Juno Pluck
NK Retro Swell
NK Kraft Arp
NK Porta Bass
NK Juno Pad
NK JX Pluck
NK Retro Bell2
NK Bright Keys
NK FM Bass
NK Noise Pluck
NK Retro Pad
NK Juno Bass
NK Mellow Bell
NK Slo Mo Pad
NK Arp1
NK Alive Arp
NK Bright Plucker
NK Dark Bass2
NK Sync Lead
NK Arp2
NK Slo Pd
NK Arp3
NK Morph Lead
NK Prophet Bass
NK Beauity Bell
NK Hard Tuned Bass
NK Beauity String
NK Porta String
NK Dusty String
NK Stab Bass
NK Short PL
NK Drifting String
NK Edge Bass
NK Sync Edge Bass
NK PluckAlog
NK Deep Bass
NK Etheral Arp
NK Classic String
NK Expressive Bell
NK Bell Pad
NK P6 Bass
NK Deep Pd
NK Morph Pd
NK JX String
NK Harp
NK OB Bass
NK Prophet Interval
NK Poly Lead
NK VIntage Soul String
NK Sub Bass
NK Sub Bass 2
NK Prophet Lead
NK Sub Bass 3
NK Moog Bass
NK Sync PL
NK Sharp PL
NK Orange String
NK Morph Pd PL
NK Razor PL
NK P6 Arp
NK Vangelis Feel
NK Bell Arp
NK Morph Bass
NK Sync Arp
NK Vangelis Feel2
NK Beauity String2
NK Freq Lead
NK Puft Dunk Lead
NK Morph Magic
NK Morph Magic 2
NK Pd Pl Morph
NK Moog LD
NK Power String
NK Arp Pattern
NK Cinematic Arp
NK Cinematic Arp2
NK Cinematic Arp3
NK Drunken Singer
NK Poly Moove
NK Uni Bass
NK Dump Kick
NK FM Morph
NK Morph LD
NK Mono Bs
NK Long Sync LD
NK Poly Power
NK Autumn Bell


A1 – Strings Power
A2 – Dreamy Strike
A3 – Floating String
A4 – 4 Layer String
A5 – Power Pluck
A6 – Ice Pluck
A7 – Detuned Pad
A8 – Bell Layered
A9 – Poly Power
B0 – Giant Lead
B1 – Monster Arp
B2 – Vintage String
B3 – Movin Arp
B4 – Monster Arp2
B5 – Decay Bass
B6 – String/Pluck Combo
B7 – PAddings
B8 – Porta String
B9 – Colliding Worlds
C0 – True Vintage String
C1 – True Vintage String2
C3 – True Vintage String3
C4 – Analog Pluck
C5 – Analog Pluck2
C6 – Morpher Pad
C7 – Drone
C8 – Harp
C9 – Old Monster
D0 – Prophet 5
D1 – Poly 6 Bass
D2 – Interval Bass
D3 – Top Gun Bass
D4 – Complex Pluck
D5 – Slo Machine
D6 – Moving Razor
D7 – Arper Porta
D8 – OB Strings
D9 – Pluck & Arp
E0 – OB Swell
E1 – Slow And Cut
E2 – Jupiter Pluck
E3 – Jupiter String
E4 – Lead + Arp
E5 – JUno!
E6 – Dekkard String
E7 – Monsters Unisono
E8 – Uni Warrior
E9 – Raichel String

Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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