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FPL028 - Coverlogia Vol.1 - Nord Lead 4 / Rack ( 31 presets )

Tags: nord lead 4nord queen dream theater cover michael jackson europe pads leads keys
Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
31 new patches for Nord Lead 4. Coverlogia V1 features patches inspired by some of the most important songs by rock giants Queen, Dream Theater, Europe and many other artists.
Added by Fabio

FPL028 - Coverlogia Vol.1 - Nord Lead 4 / Rack ( 31 presets ) - Details

This sound set consists of a series of faithful reproductions of iconic sounds, most of which come from famous bands through the 80s, 90s and '00s such as Queen, Dream Theater, Michael Jackson, Europe and many other artists... 31 new sounds !
Patched and performed by Fabio Piras.



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Patches List:

Tom Sawyer
Eye in the sky
Take on me
Enola Gay 1
Enola Gay 2
Who wants to live forever
Final Countdown Pitch & FX
Final Countdown Pad & Brass
Human Nature
One Vision
Walk of life

24k Magic Bass
Won't get fooled again
Light my organ
Octavarium lead
JR Snarling pig
Mellotron Flute
FM Piano
Africa Brass
Tarkus Lead
Lucky Man Lead
Jump Brass
Thriller Brass
Thriller Bass
Through her eyes
Eye in the sky piano
Axel F Bass
Axel F Lead
I want to Break free lead


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FPL028 - Coverlogia Vol.1 - Nord Lead 4 / Rack ( 31 presets ) Video Preview