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ASL014 - ( Bundle ) Synth - Brass Collection + Clav Collection - Nord Stage 3

Sales Price: 58 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
A bundle created for all users who need brass, polyphonic sounds and clavinets of excellent quality and versatility... 28 new programs!
Added by Anthony
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A bundle created for all users who need brass,polyphonic sounds and clavinets of excellent quality and versatility: Synth - Brass Collection + Clav Collection... 28 new programs for your Nord Stage 3 !!!
Programmed by Anthony Panebianco.

"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles" 

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Patches List:
80s SuperPolySaw
Analog Osc Poly
Chicago Brass
Complex Stack
Funk Session
Funky Revolution
HalfMoon Stack
Happines Stack
Head Hunter
Italian Stab
Legendary Poly
Magician Stack
Master Stack
Octave Brass
PoweLayer Saw
Saturn Stack
Shake me Brass
Soft Poly Brass
The Great Choice
Tower Brass


Patches List:
Acid Synth Clav
Dco Dry SynthClav
Detroit Clav
Froggy Clavinet
Funky Revolution
Ground ClavyStab
Guess Clavinet


Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for