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DVK028 - Vintage Tape Expansion 06 - Nord Stage 3

Sales Price: 29 €
Discounted Price: 19,00 €
Vintage Tape EXP06 is a new sound pack for Nord Stage 3 entirely dedicated to the legendary Mellotron M400... 15 new sounds !
Added by Davek


Vintage Tape EXP06 is a new sound pack for Nord Stage 3 entirely dedicated to the legendary Mellotron M400. It contains 16.5 mb of new custom samples that capture every detail of the sound, including typical mechanical noises. Each sample was then optimized, and processed, in order to ensure the smallest possible footprint, and the best possible quality. Obviously, since the Mellotron m400 has only 37 keys, you will not have full keyboard coverage (this is to avoid artifacts due to pitch shifting).
All patches have been carefully programmed to be extremely playable and to have a strong sonic impact.



Patches List:

1. EXP06 Vintage Tape
2. EXP06 Mello Flute
3. EXP06 Mello Orch
4. EXP06 Mello Male Choirs
5. EXP05 Mello Big Choirs
6. EXP06 Mello Strings
7. EXP06 Horror Strings
8. EXP06 Vintage Vox
9. EXP06 Pipe Organ
10. EXP06 Vintage Tp
11. EXP06 Mello Strings 2
12. EXP06 Strings Octave
13. EXP06 Strings Flute
14. EXP06 Drama
15. EXP06 Abbey

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