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SCL65 - Poker Stage - Nord Stage 2 / 2 EX

Sales Price: 189 €
Discounted Price: 129,00 €
Bundle consisting of 3 of our best Sound Banks for Nord Stage 2 series: Monster Pack V2 + Synth Attack V1 + Coverlogia V1... over 164 new patches
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Bundle consisting of 3 of our best Sound Banks for Nord Stage 2 series: Monster Pack V2 + Synth Attack V1 + Coverlogia V1... over 164 new patches !!!

"This library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles. However, we provide to you the individual programs and samples"

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This collection of sounds turns your Nord Stage 2/2 ex into a monster! Heavy leads, dreaming pads and abstract pianos can really inspire your music production... 30 new patches. 

Patched and Performed by Claudio Fusillo for Leadsounds.

Patches List:
Motion Piano
Monster Lead
Abstract keys
Lord in the sky
Groove Beast
Soft Lead-Pad
Grand Pad
Funky Lead
Ghost Lead
Neo Piano
Key Solo
Cursed Piano
Saw Solo
Liquid Lead
Dead Pad
Wailing Lead
Beat Piano
Screaming Wah
ProgRock Ensamble
Guit-Bass 2CH
Stacked Piano


Programmed for the synth engine of the Nord Stage 2/2 EX, no samples required. Just subtractive, FM and wavetable synthesis.
By Claudio G. Fusillo for Leadsounds.

7 categories
5 sounds per category
35 cutting the edge synth sounds for your Nord Stage 2 / 2 EX

Patches List:

Dream Piano
FM Piano
Synth Wurly
Hit Piano
Trance Piano

V Strings
Space Harp
Phaser Pad
String Theory
Alone Pad

Wailing Lead
Midnight Lead
Sync Lead
Noise Lead
Mini Lead

Main Riff
New Guitar
In Your Face
Trance Hero

Club House
Sync Power

They Lives
Under Water

The Ghost
Arp Attack


A Complete Cover Collection inspired by the most famous songs by Pink Floyd, Toto, Queen and other 80's greatest hits.

For the Nord Stage 2/ 2 EX series, 100 new patches patched by Fabio Piras.

Patches List : ( Program Bank - A )

Pink Floyd

01:1 Shine pad e lead
01:2 Shine pad e bell
01:3 Shine organ e lead
01:4 Shine Part2 Wind
01:5 Shine Part2 lead
02:1 Shine org piano lead
02:2 Time Intro
02:3 Time Wurli
02:4 Time Organ
02:5 Echoes Piano
03:1 Echoes Piano e organ
03:2 Echoes Farfisa
03:3 Echoes dist org
03:4 The great piano
03:5 The great piano org
04:1 Money wah Wurly
04:2 Pigs Intro
04:3 Us and Them Choir
04:4 Us and Them organ
04:5 Us a T Org e piano
05:1 It’s What we do MW*
05:2 Any colour lead
05:3 Breathe Guitar
05:4 A Soucerful organ
05:5 Lost F Words Pad
06:1 Coming Back Pad
06:2 Cluster pad e piano
06:3 whish you synth
06:4 Comfortably string1
06:5 Comfortably string2
07:1 Have a cigar lead
07:2 Mother organ
07:3 In the flash org
07:4 In the flash 2
07:5 Hey you el. piano
08:1 High hopes intro
08:2 High hopes strings
08:3 Another b. Choir


8:4 Africa
8:5 Africa Synth
9:1 Africa Solo
9:2 Walk of Life
9:3 Sweet Dreams 1
9:4 Sweet Dreams 2
9:5 The final Countdown Intro
10:1 The final Countdown 2
10:2 The final Conutdown 3
10:3 Final Countdown pad
10:4 I just died
10:5 Jump
11:1 Livin in the p. intro
11:2 Living Synth
11:3 Eye in the sky 1
11:4 Eye in the sky 2
11:5 Eye in the sky 3
12:1 Take on me 1
12:2 Take on me 2
12:3 Take on me 3
12:4 Take on me 4
12:5 Another day in p.
13:1 Don't me
13:2 Enola gay 1
13:3 Enola gay 2
13:4 Tom Sawyer Sweep
13:5 Tom Sawyer lead
14:1 Toto Rock piano
14:2 Axel F
14:3 Thriller
14:4 Rockit
14:5 Ghostbuster synth
15:1 Psyco Synth – Bonus


15:2 One Vision
15:3 Show must go on
15:4 Radio ga ga 1
15:5 Radio ga ga 2
16:1 Who want to live f.
16:2 I want to break free intro
16:3 I want to break free piano
16:4 I want to break free lead
16:5 Princess bells
17:1 Princess Synth
17:2 Princess Synth 2
17:3 Princess Choir
17:4 Too much love piano


17:5 Africa
18:1 Africa Synth
18:2 Africa Solo
18:3 Toto Rock Piano
18:4 Toto Piano - Pad
18:5 Toto Piano - hammond
19:1 Rosanna brass
19:2 Bottom of you soul Intro
19:3 Mr friendly
19:4 Home of the Brave Intro
19:5 Home of the Brave Pad
20:1 99 solo
20:2 Stop loving you

** BONUS Deep Purple Hammond**

20:3 Child in time
20:4 Smoke on the water
20:5 Perfect Strangers


Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for