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ASL003 - Red Giant Library Vol.3 - Nord Electro 6 Series ( 43 presets )

Sales Price: 49 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
Red Giant Library Vol 3 is created for the serious keyboard player who need great sound under his fingertips; the library explore about 3 decade of synthesis... 43 new programs
Added by Anthony

ASL003 - Red Giant Library Vol.3 - Nord Electro 6 Series ( 43 presets ) - Details

Red Giant Library Vol. 3 is created for every keyboard player who needs great sound under his fingertips; the library explores about 3 decade of synthesis43 new sounds to better explore the potential of your Nord Electro 6 !!!
Programmed by Anthony Panebianco.


"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles" 


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Patches List: ( 43 Programs )
Acid Synth Bass
All Arounder Pad
C64 Floppy Bass
Clock in Time
Crazy OrganSynth
Deep Swirly Pad
Delious Elettrik
Disturbed Pad
Dreaming Organ
Elicopter Pink
Ethnic Pluck
Fake Lfo Dream
Falling Orchestra
Fatty Slow Pad
Genious Synth
Good People Stab
Gospel Choir
Happines Stack
Harlem Service
Have Funk Clav
In the Wall
Japan Hero Poly
Magic Flange Pad
Melotros Strings
New Age WurlyPad
Nylon Memories
Other Eyes Synth
Pay The Bill Now
Priceless Stack
Prog Experience
Quark Voice Pad
Retro ComboSynth
Rise end Pad
School Friends
St Michael Churc
Strange Lights
Sweet Obx Piano
The Angel Dx Pad
The Great Choice
the Master Stack
Versaille Smeel

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