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RCL007 - Azzio Organ - Nord Keyboards ( 27 presets )

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
"Azzio Organ" sound bank includes 27 new high quality church organs sounds for your Nord Keyboards.

RCL007 - Azzio Organ - Nord Keyboards ( 27 presets ) - Details

Azzio’s Convent Church marks a significant piece of Valcuvia’s valley history (province of Varese). And to Mascioni, a greater one still: the company was born right here. Thanks to generous donations the church has been totally restored,  and now a new organ can again complete its artistic and musical life, too. Of two manuals and pedals, it’s a seventeenth-century Italian ripieno in the truest sense within a case to match. Drawn up by Maestro Lorenzo Ghielmi, the specification puts 17th century Baroque music as a target, notably the works of Bach, a musically spiritual leader if there ever was. Technically, a two manual suspended key action with a delicious responsive and light touch gives to the organist a perfect control. The very low wind pressure (47 mm in water column) together with a particular way of voicing (low mouth of the pipes and no nicks) gives to the sound a particularly richness in harmonics and we can say this instrument has resulted to be very inspiring and rich of soul.
The Sesquialtera stop has two variants: with only first rank engaged, which is the fifth, and with both ranks engaged. In Hauptwerk software clicking on the left side of its image engages only first rank (enables its middle position). Clicking on the right side engages both ranks. When using a console with stop switches, engaging first rank disengages both rank setting and vice versa.
The manuals’ compass is from C to d3, pedal compass is from C to d1 – both with missed lowest C#.

The Mascioni company is one of the oldest organ factories in Europe and has been active since 1829 and is a member of the ISO (International Society of Organbuilders). In their workshops, the art of organ building has been handed down from father to son, for six generations the Mascioni family has been building organs and for 40 years it has been restoring historic organs.




Principale 8'
Flauto camino 8'
Gemshorn 8'
Sesquialtera 2 file*
Ripieno 3-4 file


Bordone 8'
Flauto conico 4'  
Nazardo 3'
Quintadecima 2' 


Subbasso 16'
Trombone 16'


"This Nord library is a collection of samples only"


Download instructions for this sounds pack

Patches List:

GO Flauto Camino 8
GO Ottava 4
GO Principale 8
GO Ripieno 3-4 File
GO Sesquialtera 2 (1)
GO Sesquialtera 2 (2)
POS Bordone 8
POS Flauto Conico 4
POS Nazardo 3
POS Quintadecima 2
PED Subbasso 16
PED Trombone 16
Princ8 + Ott4 + Ripieno
Princ8 +Fla8 +Ottava4
Princ8 +Ottava4 +Bor8
Princ8 +Ottava4 +Ses2
Principale 8 + Flauto 8
Sub16 + Princ8 + Bord8
Bord8 + Fla4 + Nas3
Bordone 8 + Flauto 4
Sub16 + Princ8 + Ott4
Grande Organo
Pleno 1
Pleno 2
Pleno 3

The Samples that correspond to the single stops play over the entire range of the keyboard (therefore they also reach the 88 keys) while the combined samples (2 or more stops) play ONLY on the notes corresponding to the real ones of the organ, this means that the notes they may have differences in volume and timbre exactly as they do in reality. The combinations of several registers are however extended to the highest and lowest notes by extending the last real note.

Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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