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SCL117 - Exploration Library - Nord Stage 3 ( 25 presets )

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
The famous and incredible sounds of the MOOG VOYAGER carefully reprogrammed exploiting the potential of the new "Moog Filter" on the Nord Stage 3... 25 new sounds!
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SCL117 - Exploration Library - Nord Stage 3 ( 25 presets ) - Details

The sounds present in this bank have been created based exclusively on the internal synthesis engine; no sample is used.

Using the power of the Synth Module in the Nord Stage 3, some of the most beautiful programs on board the MOOG Voyager Synth have been carefully reproduced.

The programs present in this first group (Exploration No. 1) have been chosen from the Voyager “Select Series Edition”.

All programs are strictly monophonic, but in the case of the Nord Stage 3, an option not available on the real Voyager, it is obviously possible to play in full polyphony.

All sounds were programmed using 3 oscillators; it was always necessary to use both panels A and B in order to have the 3 oscillators and the necessary modulation modes available.

The programming has been done comparing the sound of each oscillator of the Moog with that of the corresponding oscillator set in the same identical way and using, obviously, the 24-pole Moog filter present on the Nord and then mixing them with their levels. In addition to the ear, a spectrum analyser and an oscilloscope were also used for this purpose.

All programs have modulation options and sound variations that can be done with Aftertouch, the Modulation Wheel or the Control Pedal.

Although it was obviously not possible to recreate in detail the many modulations and variations on the sound that could be made with that monster of the MOOG Voyager, the result of the Nord Stage 3 modulation is still pleasant and usable.

The enormous advantage of these sounds, in addition to their power and beauty, is that they are not built on samples, but only on the internal synthesis engine and therefore occupy very little memory and can be loaded as “Programs”.



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Patches List (25 new programs):
Techno Tuvans
Acid Mod Grind
Orgone Box
Clean Machine
Sync or Swin
Big Boy Pat
Big Boy
Run Like Hell
Controller Bass
Mod Heavy
Slow Impression
Dark Electricity
Dark ElectricPat
Abrasive Wheel
Rock You DO
The One
Buzzed PluckLead
Fifth of Fury
Wind me up Pleas
Lip Buzz
VelocityBrighL 2

Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for



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