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LFO001 - Analog Dreams - Novation Nova / Supernova / Supernova 2 ( 90 presets )

Sales Price: 29 €
Discounted Price: 19,00 €
Welcome to the "Analog Dreams" presets series in all its glory with Novation Nova synthesizer ( Nova, Supernova, Supernova 2 )... 90 new sounds!
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Welcome to the “Analog Dreams” presets series in all its glory with Novation Nova synthesizer (Nova, Supernova, Supernova 2)!
We are a big fan of all Novation machines & was very lucky to have Supernova Rack in our hands.
Our soundset contains 90 presets (37 left blank for your own experiments) separated on categories such as: massive strings, authentic brass, classic & legendary synthesizers emulations, big basses, aggressive & fat leads, beautiful pads & atmospheres, musical plucks, arps & sequences.
The engine of Nova sounds great & letting create truthful analog emulations with glorious unison & character
All the patches are handcrafted & reacts on MW & Aftertouch.



Patches List:

NK Entrance
NK Polyseq
NK MW Da Bass
NK Sinox Bass
NK Arpity Mutes
NK No Brass
NK PT Lead
NK MJ Sikz Strings
NK 8 Jup Brass
NK NO 60 Noise Bass
NK You Know Pick
NK Beast
NK Strings
NK Wishi
NK Ap Bass
NK Gidra Arp Bass
NK Jupiter 8
NK At The
NK Super Strings
NK Dreamy Arp
NK Adbagin Bass
NK Arp Polysynth
NK Oly Free Pad
NK FM Score
NK Roundmouse PS
NK EM Bass
NK Darko Pad
NK Def Thang
NK Sweep 24 DB
NK Landing
NK PollyPad
NK Wine Glass
NK Interview
NK Slow Depth
NK Krowler
NK Winker Cell
NK Super String
NK Danger
NK Ober Arp
NK Uber Bass
NK Glassmount Arp
NK Jupiter Wrapper
NK Green
NK Race
NK Boler Bass
NK Super Jup Vel Bass
NK Saver Siren
NK Filth
NK Smooth Strings
NK Lead
NK Big Sync
NK Slider
NK Eleven Brass Pad
NK No Sub
NK Super Strings 2
NK Or Theremin
NK Arp Singers
NK Stllia
NK Film Pad 2
NK Random Arper
NK Our Friend
NK Synchronicity
NK Klostwalk
NK Pulse Glitch Bass
NK Staccato Pulse
NK Mallete
NK Staccato Step
NK Anna Bender
NK Slam Man
NK Pad Measure
NK You Know Sq
NK P5_Strings
NK MusicBox
NK Loft Strings
NK Deep 12 db
NK SH Bass
NK Laa Laa & Pad
NK Comapose
NK Strings Math
NK Mid Drop
NK Lifting
NK Brass
OD Bass
NK Novebell
NK Simple Bass
NK Over Glide
NK Kron Arp
NK Ohatron Arp
NK MS Bass

Novation ® is a registered trademark of Focusrite which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for