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LFO023 - Voltage - Oberheim OB-12 ( 30 presets )

Tags: Oberheimob 12ambientmusicsoundtrackanalog
Sales Price: 29 €
Discounted Price: 20,00 €
Voltage is a collection of 30 classic analog sounds: Deep Basses, Authentic Leads, Dynamic Arps, Melodic Plucks, Emulations of JX, Juno, OB series synths.
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LFO023 - Voltage - Oberheim OB-12 ( 30 presets ) - Details

LFO.Store proudly presents “Voltage” programs collection for The Blue Machine – Oberheim OB-12!
We spend a lot of time for researching of how to make it sounds more analog in terms of overall tone and then made our first 30 presets.
Our setting we match from comparsion with vintage patches from our trusty Access Virus KB.
After matching OB starts to sound much more deeply. The setting is included to the soundset.
All the presets MW patched & sounds very deep after our EQ OB setting.



Deep Basses
Authentic Leads
Dynamic Arps
Melodic Plucks
Emulations of JX, Juno, OB series synths.

Patches List: (Program A 1-30)
NK Long Bass
NK Killer
NK OB Tour
NK Interval
NK Lucky
NK Juno 60
NK Juno Poly
NK The Deep
NK Arpings
NK Arpings2
NK Arpings3
NK Cosmos
NK Magical
NK Magical2
NK Arp 7TH
NK Berlin
NK Berlin 2
NK Arpings 4
NK Planetary
NK Planetary 2
NK JX Arp2
Lead One
Lead Two
Lead Three
Lead Four
Lead Five
Lead Six
Lead Power
Lead Power 2

Oberheim ® is a registered trademark of Sequential which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


LFO023 - Voltage - Oberheim OB-12 ( 30 presets ) Video Preview