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SSX120 - Kevin Moore Cover Pack - JD-800 / 990 / 08

Sales Price: 14 €
Discounted Price: 9,00 €
A collection of patches inspired by the sounds used by the former Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore... 24 new sounds !
Added by Synthsound


This is a collection of 24 patches inspired by the sounds used by Kevin Moore & Derek Sherinian which mostly used this powerful and wonderful synthesizer on their live concerts with Dream Theater. We can consider it as a MUST for every JD-800 / JD-990 and JD-08 player and lover. Programmed from scratch and with care on sound details by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).



Patches List:
2 JD Stack Release
3 TTT Stack
4 LTL Square
5 Wailing Lead
6 TTT Bells
7 6:00
8 Intro Voices - Dst
9 Piano & Strings
10 Learning to Intro
11 Take the pad!
12 Surrounded LD
13 JR's Lead
14 Metropolis I
15 Metropolis II
16 Mirror Delay Pno
17 Learning Pad
18 Space Dye Piano
19 Dream Theater
20 Kevin Analog
21 IAW Pad
22 Liquid Layer
23 Derek Utopia
24 Learning Organ

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