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SCL025 - Leads Pack - Juno-DS ( 13 presets )

Sales Price: 19 €
Discounted Price: 14,00 €
A large collection of lead sounds and other cool sounds inspired by famous songs... 13 new patches

SCL025 - Leads Pack - Juno-DS ( 13 presets ) - Details

This collection offers some famous and great sounds for the Juno-DS by Roland® synthesizer that are not included in the presets. 



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Patches List:

01 - Metal Piano: A bright and rich piano with particular pads perfect for playing intros, arpeggios or chords in your band.

02 - Vox Organ: This sound emulates the classic vintage Vox Organ used by The Doors, you can activate the rotary/tremolo effect with the modulation joystick.

03 - Learning to Live Mallet: (DT)

04 - Snarling Pig: A cool bass sound used in a lot of Dream Theater songs as “Panic Attack”.

05 - On The Run: The famous synth sound of The Pink Floyd song “On the Run”, play the E3 key and slowly open the cutoff knob, another effect can be activated by pushing progressively the modulation joystick.

06 - Jump OB-Xa Brass

07 - Metropolis Pt.1 Pad (DT)

08 - Liquid T Lead

09 - Jens Johansson Lead

10 - Kevin Moore Lead

11 - Octavarium Lead: The synth lead sound used for the 12:16 keyboard solo of the Dream Theater song “Octavarium”.

12 - Impressioni di Settembre Lead: This sound emulates the Moog Lead used for the solo of “Impressioni di Settembre” by PFM.

13 - Who Synth: A particular synthesizer sound used in a lot of The Who’s songs as “Won't Get Fooled Again”.

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