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LDX110 - Leads & Vintage Sounds - SH-201 ( 34 presets )

Sales Price: 24 €
Discounted Price: 19,00 €
This pack adds personality to your SH-201 by Roland® with some fresh sounds inspired by legendary keyboard players all over the world... 34 new sounds!
Added by Leadsounds

LDX110 - Leads & Vintage Sounds - SH-201 ( 34 presets ) - Details

This collection is designed to offer to the users of SH-201 by Roland® some famous and great sounds not included in the presets. Here you can find some good tips that will help you to play our patches in the best way!

Patched and performed by Abierto for Leadsounds.



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Patches List:
D/C Feedback Bass
Analog Detuned Lead
E. Piano
In The Presence of Enemies (J.Rudess)
Jump (Van Halen)
Liquid Lead (J. Rudess)
On The Run (Pink Floyd)
New Organ (w/ Rotary)
New Organ
Screaming Saw (Jost van den Broek)
Snarling Pig (J. Rudess)
Staccato Synth
Trance Bass
Tuscany Lead (J. Rudess)
Warp (Steve Aoki & Bloody Beetrots)
Jump Intro (Van Halen)
Power Lead
Prog Lead
Solitary Shell Lead (J. Rudess)
Classic Moog (New Version).

BONUS ( Mini Collection V2 )
Wha Lead
Welcome to the Lead
String Riff
Prog Pad
Epic Strings
Epic Strings Demo (He's A Pirate)
Crunch lead


On The Run:
This Patch is programmed to have the Upper part with the filter cutoff originaly starting to 0, so, all you have to do is... open it slowly! And play with some resonance, keyfollow and LFO!

Snarling pig:
I suggest you to play this patch activating only one time the octave button to traspose the keyboard down. The Snarling Pig it's a bass sound so you can have a good range of notes if you do that.

D/C Feedback Bass:
In this patch you had the first two octaves that play the bass sound, and all the upper keys that plays feedback. Feedback starts slowly in the upper keys and starts faster on the lower key sections. Use the octave Transpose to up for great Larsen/Feedback effect. Basicly the sounds starts distorted, for a clean sound, just deactivate the Overdrive button.

Screaming Saw:
This patch is very simple to play: for activate the scratching on the sound you only have to use the Modulation Joystick. For a good Scratching i suggest you to just touching a little bit the Mod. Joystick for a realistic effect.

Roland ® is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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