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Vendor: YOU

SCL300 - Monster Pack - Zenology Pro

The greatest pack for Zenology Pro by Roland®: Monster Pack is the complete bundle of sounds suitable for every musical context... over 200 new sounds !!!

Vendor: multivendor

99,00 €
79,00 €

SCL230 - ( Bundle ) - Producer Evolution V1 + Massive Synth - Zenology Pro

A powerful bundle pack for Zenology Pro by Roland®: Producer Evoluition V1 + Massive Synth: pads, pianos, lead sounds, arpeggio pattern sounds, complex motion pads, analog synth strings, ethereal atmospheres and various splits... 68 new sounds !!!

Vendor: multivendor

73,00 €
49,00 €

SCL229 - Producer Evolution V1 - Zenology Pro

This awesome library adds creativity and power to your Zenology Pro by Roland®; it features new soundscape pads, classic pads, progressive and powerful leads useful in every musical context, organs, and so on... 48 new sounds !

Vendor: Synthsound

49,00 €
39,00 €

LDX183 - Massive Synth - Zenology Pro

This is a huge collection made for Zenology Pro by Roland®... 24 new sounds !

Vendor: Synthsound

24,00 €
14,00 €

SCL132 - Super Jx-logia - Zenology Pro

SUPER JX-LOGIA is a library dedicated to two of the most famous vintage analog polyphonic synthesizers by Roland®: JX-10 (also known as Super JX) and JX-8P... 138 new sounds !

Vendor: GPR Music Project

39,00 €
19,00 €