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PCL011 - PacoLab Expressive Pack - Studiologic Numa X Piano

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
Pacolab Expressive Pack releases all the potential of Studiologic Numa X Piano, an instrument with incredible potential and musical versatility.... 30 new sounds !
Added by Pacolab


Pacolab Expressive Pack releases all the potential of Studiologic Numa X Piano Series, an instrument with incredible potential and musical versatility. A sound library of 30 programs for the modern keyboard / pianist, covering virtually most uses and genres. An indispensable selection of pop, jazz, funk, neo-soul, synths, splits and layer sounds. The programs take full advantage of the instrument's incredible potential, in particular the 300 notes of polyphony, the 4 zones and the 8 sfx inserts. In addition to the Programs, there are also important settings to be applied to the machine ( some optional, others necessary ), in order to have the best possible sound impact, live or studio.
The entire library was developed in an acoustically corrected environment ( Pacolab Studio ), tested in various studio monitors and in various PAs. live ( line array, sub and satellite, “10, “12 and “15” speakers ).



Patches List:
01    Piano Layer                        
02    B-Piano Layer                        
03    Upright Duo                        
04    CP Piano                        
05    Rhodes Mk1 Layer                        
06    Rhodes Mk2 Layer                        
07    Dist. Rhodes                        
08    Wurly Layer                        
09    DX Piano                        
10    ClaviPaco                        
11    Clavi Synth                        
12    Paco Organ                        
13    Organ Bass                        
14    Rock Organ                        
15    Orchestra                        
16    PF Split                        
17    EW&F Brass                        
18    Hancock Split                        
19    The Saw                        
20    Synth lead Split                        
21    Synth lead Split 2                        
22    Juno pad                        
23    Synth Pad                        
24    Side Chain Pad                        
25    80’s Nostalgia                        
26    Contra-Piano                        
27    E.Bass-Piano                        
28    E.Bass-Rhodes                        
29    Ennio Split                        
30    Drum Set

Studiologic ® is a registered trademark of FATAR which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for