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SCL222 - Triton-logia Vintage Pack - Yamaha MONTAGE

Sales Price: 19 €
Discounted Price: 15,00 €
This new library for Yamaha MONTAGE includes patches sampled by the legendary korg Triton workstation... 16 new sounds !


This new library for Yamaha MONTAGE includes 5 new waveforms sampled by the legendary Korg Triton workstation.
The library includes 16 new Performances inspired by the iconic sounds of this workstation that made the history of music.

Patched by Francesco Monaco.



Patches List:
Romance Piano TRFM
Studio EP TRFM
Fat Brass TRFM
Analog Pad TRFM
Velvet Pad TRFM
Legato Strings TRFM
M1 Organ TRFM
Universal Choir TRFM
Romance Layer TRFM
Sinthy Brass TRFM
Modern EP AS1 TRFM
Ensemble Choir TRFM
Chilly'n Pad TRFM
New Orchy AS1 TRFM
EP Chorus TRFM
M1 Leslie Hammy TRFM

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