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SCL111 - T9t9 Evolution - Yamaha Motif XS / XF

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
A collection of sounds for the Yamaha Motif XS/XF inspired by some famous songs by Toto...41 new patches!
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This pack includes 41 of the most famous sounds you can hear in Toto music  for Yamaha Motif XS / XF

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Africa 01
Africa 02
Africa solo 01
Africa solo 02
Falling piano
Falling Synbrass
Falling stack
Home of brave 01
Home of brave 02
Home of brave 03
I will remember
I'll be over you
Mad about you
Only the children 01
Only the children 02
Orphan pad
Pamela 01
Rosanna 01
Rosanna 02
Rosanna 03
Running oo time
Running oo Time Pad
Stop loving you
Turning point

Falling piano
Africa 01
Home to the brave 03
Caught 02
Rosanna 02
Stop loving you
Falling stack
Home to the brave 01
Running out of time


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