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SKL003 - Patches Of An Era - Nightwish Cover Pack - Yamaha MODX / MODX+ ( 41 presets )

Sales Price: 59 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
Patches of An Era (Nightwish Cover Pack) is the sound bank for all those who wish to reproduce the magical atmosphere of the Finnish band on the Yamaha MODX / MODX+... 41 new sounds!
Added by Stefkeys


Patches of An Era (Nightwish Cover Pack) is the sound bank for all those who wish to reproduce the magical atmosphere of the Finnish band on the Yamaha MMODX / MODX+ ODX.
This library is inspired by the band's live performances such as "End of an era" and "End of Innocence".
From pads to strings, from orchestral hits to organs, from bells to mallet: this collection contains everything you need to recreate the sound of Tuomas Holopainen on your workstation.
The sound bank also contains 3 samples so you'll able to recreate multi-track patterns !
Patches of an Era is actually the best Nightwish collection for Yamaha MODX.
41 new patches designed and performed by Stefano Angiulli.



Patches List:

1) Phantom live intro
2) Phantom organchoir
3) Phantom bells pad
4) Storytime intro
5) Sleeping patch
6) Sleeping pad bells
7) Sleeping choir
8) Sleeping stringspad
9) Sleeping strings + arp
10) Slaying strings + bells
11) Slaying strings refrain
12) Slaying choir
13) End of strings
14) End of mallet
15) Dead harpstrings
16) Dead pad
17) Dead pad 2
18) Dead piano brigde
19) Over the hills solo
20) Over the pad + bells
21) Over the strings
22) Over the pad
23) Man down pad (play with the related sample)
24) Man down strings
25) Man down pad + choir
26) Man down hits
27) Man down strings bridge
28) Come cover bells
29) Come cover intro (play with the related sample)
30) Come cover stack
31) Come cover pad
32) Kinslayer intro
33) Kinslayer choir
34) Kinslayer strings
35) Kinslayer choir+ bells
36) Kinslayer pad (play with the related "final explosion" sample)
37) Planet hell solo lead
38) Mary's patch
39) Nemo piano
40) Nemo's pad
41) Ever dream piano

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