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Vendor: YOU

LDX127 - Classic Keys Collection - Yamaha Montage

A collection of 50 new sounds for Yamaha Montage. This Collection includes a selection of sound leads, cover sounds, evolving pads, strings, choirs and texture sounds programmed to provide space for your creativity...

Vendor: Leadsounds

29,00 €
19,00 €

LDX125 - Leads Pack MKIII - Yamaha Montage

A lead sounds collection for the Yamaha Montage: a simply "must have" ... 17 new patches

Vendor: Leadsounds

34,00 €
24,00 €

LDX122 - PF Cover Pack V2 - Yamaha Montage

A collection of sounds inspired by some famous songs by Pink Floyd... 24 new patches!

Vendor: fabio

39,00 €
29,00 €

LDX121 - T9t9 Cover Pack - Yamaha Montage

A collection of sounds for the Yamaha Montage inspired by some famous songs by Toto ... 12 new patches!

Vendor: fabio

29,00 €
14,00 €