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LDX128 - Tron Pack (Mellotron) - Yamaha MONTAGE

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
A collection of vintage sounds for the Yamaha MONTAGE inspired by the classic Mellotron sounds... 24 new timbres sound!
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It is the first collection inspired by the vintage mellotron sounds for your Yamaha MONTAGE. It provides 24 timbres included in the original factory set of this wonderful vintage instrument.

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Patches List:
1) Tron Piano
2) Tron Vibraphone
3) Tron Xilopone
4) Tron Guitar 1
5) Tron Guitar 2
6) Tron Guitar 3
7) Tron Trumpet
8) Tron Brass
9) Tron Trombone
10) Tron French Horn
11) Tron Tuba
12) Tron Sax
13) Tron Clarinet
14) Tron Oboe
15) Tron Flute
16) Tron Choir 1
17) Tron Choir 2
18) Tron Choir 3
19) Tron Viola
20) Tron Cello 2
21) Tron Cello 3
22) Tron Strings 1
23) Tron Strings 2
24) Tron Strings 3


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