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Motif / Es / Rack

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Vendor: YOU

LDX124 - Leads Pack MKII - Yamaha Motif ES

It is an update version of the first lead pack made by Fabio Piras. Sounds are improved with the adding of more personality keeping some old versions as a bonus...

Vendor: Leadsounds

29,00 €
19,00 €

LDX129 - K - Piano - Yamaha Motif ES

Three layers, full range samples for realistic playing ! Inspired by Kurzweil® Piano, Pc3x triple strike piano layers...

Vendor: Leadsounds

24,00 €
14,00 €

LDX122 - PF Cover Pack V2 - Yamaha Motif ES

A collection of sounds inspired by some famous songs by Pink Floyd... 24 new patches !

Vendor: Leadsounds

39,00 €
29,00 €