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SCL280 - Back To The Future - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 26 sounds )

Sales Price: 49 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
This collection provides all the sounds you need to play the full historical soundtrack of "Back to the future" on your YAMAHA MONTAGE / M... 26 new sounds!


This collection provides all the sounds you need to play the full historical soundtrack of "Back to the future" on your YAMAHA MONTAGE / M ! The pack also includes the score and the video tutorial.




Full song setlist: 26 new sounds
Video tutorial


Reverse cymbal, horns and timpani

E0 gives a Reverse cymbal waveform that modulates with an LFO to avoid that sample looping would become audible

Horns on C#4

In the middle C octave there is trumpets, timpani  (the rolling is controlled by a native arpeggio; this timbre is activated by increasing the expression pedal) and a bell sound on the C#3 only when played loudly

Harp, trumpets and trombones

On C#6 there is a user waveform of a harp arpeggio and reverse cymbal. This waveform was created resampling the native waveforms

This performance is similar to the last one only reverse cymbal is engaged also in the C2 octave

Dynamic snares

The left hand in the octave of the C2 has a rhythm similar to the orchestra. To create the accent with the percussion on bar 12 there are cymbals and snare drum activated only when played loudly

Strings, harp and cymbal

On G#4 there is the same sample used in performance 2 that is activated only when played loudly. It’s long decay it’s useful to sustain the passage to the next performance

Dynamic snares and xylophone

It’s similar to the performance 3 only transposed up a fourth and with the adding of the xylophone

Strings and glockenspiel

Main theme appears here with high strings and glockenspiel only in octave 5. Snare only on bar 23 in the octave 3

Horns and strings

Horns in the middle and strings in the lower register

Timpani and horns

Here begins a three-piece progression meant to be played freely. In the lower note of each progression’s step there will be a user waveform made resampling a timpani roll and an harp arpeggio. In the upper part there are horns. Lower note with user waveform is on A0. Cymbals only on B3

Woodwinds, timpani and cymbal

Similar to the previous but one step below and with the main theme assigned to woodwinds

Horns, timpani and cymbal

Similar to the previous but one step below and with the main theme assigned back to horns

Full orchestra, dyn brass arp at A1

This is the most complex performance and hardest part of the tune to play on keyboards. I wanted to create three parts (fast strings line, bass string line, main theme to the horns). But having to play strings with the two hands there was no way to play the horns. So there is a custom arpeggio phrase that plays the main theme that is engaged only by playing the A1 loudly. The phrase goes on for two bars. During that time you are requested to play on time by looking at the pulsating light of the SuperKnob.

Reverse cymbal like the original on the note Eb5

Snare, strings, glocken and horns

Switch to this performance while you are holding the last notes of the performance 11 with the sustain pedal. Here there is a rich combination of snares, horns and strings around the C2 to create the accompaniment for the melody played in the upper register by strings and glockenspiel

Trumpets and strings

Similar to the last one. Snare now is only on Ab2 and Bb2. Main melody is now played by trumpets and strings

Strings and percussion (hold A4)

A transition mainly based on strings. Be careful to hold the note A4 when moving to bar 47. On bar 48 cymbal is played only when D4 is played loudly

Horns big layer

Another transition made by horns sounds overlayered across the whole keyboard

Strings and horns

Strings and brass layered together. Please respect the staccato and hold symbols while playing

Strings, trumpets and horns

Similar to the previous but with more trumpets

Dynamic snares and xylophone

Similar to performances 3 and 5

Strings, harp and cymbal

Similar to performance 4 but transposed. Please pay attention to the accent symbol

Dynamic snares and xylophone (+ perc)

Similar to performances 3 and five, more trumpets for the main melody. Play louder the accented notes on bars 65 and 66 because they engage more percussion

Timpani roll harp arpeggio

Long timpani roll user waveform on Ab0. Long harp arpeggio on note Ab1

Big full orchestra

Main theme like performance 6 but with a bigger orchestral layered sound

Strings and brass, locken in the middle

Strings and brass sound. Glockenspiel for the central octave transposed up two octaves

Timpani and reverse cymbal

Timpani in the lower register are engaged only when played loudly. Reverse cymbal on Ab4

Strings brass and snare roll, theme in the middle

Sustain pedal only holds notes for lower and upper parts so that the player can keep those notes (very rich with man orchestral timbres) while playing the melody without pedal In the central part of the keyboard (please follow the pedal signs on the score)

Full orchestra perc brass and strings

Full orchestra layered with many brass, horns, strings and percussion waveforms.

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