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Products tagged as : Montage

This exclusive sound bank pays homage to the groundbreaking ELKA SYNTHEX, an Italian analog synthesizer that revolutionized electronic music in the 1980s... 32 new sounds!

20 new patches for YAMAHA MONTAGE / M inspired by some of the most important songs by rock giants Depeche Mode, Dire Straits, Queen, Thw Who, Peter Gabriel, Toto...

A really useful library built with FM Synthesis for Yamaha MONTAGE / M inspired by some of the most important 80's artists like Madonna, Toto, Michael Jackson, Mr Mister, Europe, Bon Jovi... 64 new sounds!

"FM-XtaSynth" is a library of 32 performances inspired to the darkwave, synthwave and synth pop genres and programmed using only the powerful Yamaha FM-X engine.

Kurzy Piano for Yamaha MONTAGE / M is a piano sound with full range samples for realistic playing. It is inspired by Kurzweil® K2600 Piano: this piano sound has been re-sampled with more dynamic accurancy and High Resolution...

Korg-Logia is a collection of sampled sounds inspired by the iconic sounds of the Korg world.

Finally available the PF COVER EXP Bundle that includes PF COVER EXP Live Edition + PF COVER EXP DARK SIDE EDITION!

This collection provides all the sounds you need to play the full "The dark side of the moon" studio album by Pink Floyd.

A great bundle pack available for Yamaha MONTAGE / M: Styles and Covers + Coverlogia Vol.1.

This library turns your Yamaha MONTAGE / M to an "arranger": these 20 new performances add to your workstation dedicated drum patterns, bass & guitar lines.

The ultimate bundle for those who love Pink Floyd music. It provides all the " PF " production for your workstation / synth...