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Products tagged as : Arturia

64 most beautiful, warm, analog & deep sounds immediately ready to go in your sound productions for your Arturia MiniFreak.

65 synth sounds for your Analog Lab / Analog Lab V Evolving pad, melodic sequence, soundtrack sounds, ambient sfx, digital bass and plucked keys...

The SQ80V sound bank includes 50 sounds including brass, pads, sequences, bass, leads for the Arturia SQ80V using V 1.5 of the software.

A large list of sounds for the Minibrute Mk1, from the fullest and most powerful bass sounds... 50 new sounds!

The bank was exported from the original Casio CZ-101, then processed and added with new functions from CZ V while maintaining the original characteristic sound... 64 new patches!

Five soundbanks for Arturia Pigments now available in the united package: Yoga V1 + Yoga V2 + Phaeton + Sci-fi Scapes + Atmos Textures.

FInally available the first Arturia MicroFreak bundle: Ambika + Classic Synth Collection... 98 new sounds!

A great bundle pack available for Arturia MiniBrute: Leads Collection + Meteor.

Atmos Textures contains an exquisite selection of experimental sounds that adds creativity to your recordings... 65 new presets for your Analog Lab V!

Here is a unique collection for Arturia MicroFreak including many huge sounds suitable for any production and inspiration! 48 new sounds!

The new "Digital Synth Textures" library add a new palette of sounds to this wonderful synthesizer... 65 new sounds!

Three soundbanks for Arturia Pigments 3 now available in the united package... over 190 new sounds!

A great bundle pack available for Arturia Pigments 4: Atmos Textures Sound Bank + Sci-Fi Scapes Sound Bank... over 120 new sounds!

Atmos Textures is a new sound bank for Arturia Pigments 4. It contains an exquisite selection sound landscape pictures and a generation of granular wave synthesis under the influence of LFO and excellent effects... 65 new presets!

Four great sounds collections now available in a bundle pack for Arturia Polybrute: Famous Sounds Vol.1.5 + The Brute Factor 1.1 + Famous Sounds Vol.1.5 EXPANSION + Symbiosis Sound Bank... over 80 patches!

True analog, polyphonic, state-of-the-art synthesizer which sounds incredible. Symbiosis Sound Bank contains all type of sounds which are ready to go in your current track... 32 new presets!