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Roland System-500 modular analog synth

Written on Friday, 22 January 2016 17:16
Written by  Synthonia


Roland introduced a new modular analog synth at Winter NAMM 2016

Winter NAMM turned out to be the return of analog synthesis. Korg, Arturia, Roland, DSI presented four new real analog synths with different form factors and user targets, but all very attractive for creative musicians. We have presented the Korg Minilogue in a previous article, and now it's the turn of the Roland System-500, a fully analog modular synth. The words "system" and "modular" mean exactly what they say: this synth is a customizable system in Eurorack format you can build starting from individual modules with oscillators, filters, effects and creating your signal paths by means of high quality cables.

All System-500 components

Five modules are currently available:


  • 512 module - two VCOs with saw, sine and square waves

 Dual VCO module


  • 521 module - two VCFs with selectable high-pass filters

Dual VCF module


  • 530 module - two VCAs each with multiple CV inputs

Dual VCA module


  • 540 module - two ADSR envelopes and invertible LFO with five waveform types

Dual ADSR / LFO module


  • 572 module - classic phase shifter, delay, gate delay and invertible LFO

Mutliple effect module


This modular system sounds very promising!!!


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