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Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 polyphonic analog synth

Written on Saturday, 23 January 2016 12:05
Written by  cecchino


As everybody knows, the three musketeers were actually four... so, after presenting the analog synths unveiled at Winter NAMM 2016 by Korg, Roland and Arturia, here you are the DSI OB-6 polyphonic synth by Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim.


Should somebody ask for the most famous poly analog synth engineers of the good old times, the answer would probably include both Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim.

So it's not a surprise to find that from the collaboration of Smith with Oberheim a really stunning new analog poly synth came out.

It's a 49-keys (with velocity & aftertouch) synth with six notes of polyphony.

The core of the sound engine is a couple of discrete VCOs per voice, inspired to the SEM Oberheim's jewels of the past, coupled with 2-pole filter, and amplifiers.

Modern enhancements such as studio-quality dual effects, a polyphonic step sequencer, an arpeggiator, and more were added to make the sound of the new DSI creation really unique.

And the look is also top-class, as usual in DSI products.



But when it comes to synths, the most important feature is the sound:

Soundcloud demo

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