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Synth Patches Video Demo Lessons Forum Community - Synthonia by SynthCloud

This week, ride along in real-time as Kurzer Giuseppe De Rosa sculpts the intro sound for Marooned song by Pink Floyd. Get VAST

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The Complete Pink Floyd Anthology Patched for Korg Triton / Karma series: Extreme, Studio, Classic, Karma, LE, TR.
32 New COMBIs

Patches List: 

A001 OOTD Patch ( samples )
A002 Echoes Patch sw1
A003 Breathe    
A004 Time I
A005 Time II
A006 Time III
A007 Home Again
A008 Time Ending
A009 The Great Patch sw2
A010 Money sw1/-y ( samples )
A011 Us&Them sw2
A012 Any Colour You
A013 Brain Hamm+Slide
A014 Brain Ending
A015 Shine on Patch ( samples )
A016 Shine II
A017 Shine Solo+sol
A018 Sorrow I
A019 Sorrow II ( samples )
A020 Sorrow III
A021 Sorrow IV
A022 Comfortably I
A023 Comfortably II
A024 Brick Pt.1
A025 Empty Spaces ( samples )
A026 ITF I
A028 Thin Ice I
A029 Thin Ice II
A030 Final Cut Pad
A031 Coming Back Pad
A032 Marooned Intro

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A complete bank of 128 new Patches for Korg Kronos. Cover Collection V2 features Patches inspired by some of the most important songs by rock giants Pink Floyd, Queen, Toto and many other artists of the 80's. Also features Bonus sounds from the legendary Dx7 Synth

(Requires KRONOS software version 3.0 - available for free download)

Set List:

1) PF Cover Pack V2

00: Shine intro (combi) 
01: Shine pad & guitar + bells (combi) 
02: Shine on you organ (program) 
03: Shine organ & lead (combi) 
04: Shine lead part 2 (program) 
05: Shine lead end (program) 
06: The great gig in the sky (program) NEW 
07: The great gig in the sky (combi) NEW
08: Time Intro & sample (combi) 
09: Time Wurli (program) 
10: Time Pad (combi) 
11: Time end (combi) 
12: Money intro & sample (combi) 
13: On the run (song)
14: Us and them (combi) NEW
15: Wish you synth brass (program) 
16: Any colour lead (program) 
17: Welcome to machine lead (program) 
18: Echos piano (program) 
19: Echoes organ & piano (Combi) NEW
20: Echos organ dist. (program) NEW 
21: Echoes pad end (Combi) NEW
22: PF El. Piano (program) 
23: Hey you hammond (program) 
24: Hey you flies (combi) 
25: Breath lapsteel (combi) 
26: Breath organ (program) 
27: In the flash hammond (program) 
28: In the flash choir 1 (combi) 
29: In the flash choir 2 (combi) 
30: Cluster one (combi) NEW
31: High hopes intro (combi) 
32: High hopes 2 (combi) 
33: High hopes 3 (combi) 
34: Marooned intro (program) 
35: Comfortably orchestra (combi) 
36: Comfortably orchestra 2 (combi) 
37: Pigs (combi) 
38: One of these days (combi) 
39: Mother organ (program) 
40: Children choir sample (program)

2) Queen Cover Pack

41: One Vision Strings (combi)
42: The Show must go on (combi)
43: Radio Gaga Intro (combi)
44: Radio Piano, Pad & Bells (combi)
45: Who Wants DX7 & Strings (combi)
46: I Want to be Intro (program)
47: I Want to be El Piano (program)
48: I Want to be Lead (program)
49: I Want to be Strings (program)
50: A Kind Of Magic Strings (program)
51: Princes of the uni. Bells (program)
52: Princes of the uni. Strings JX- (program) 
53: Princes of the uni. Synth (program)
54: Princes of the uni. Choir (combi)
55: Too Much Love El Piano (combi)

3) Toto Cover Pack

56: Africa Live Paris 2007 (combi) 
57: Africa Solo 73/88 Keys (combi) 
58: Africa Solo Flute 61 Keys (combi) 
59: Africa S Marimba 61 keys (combi) 
60: Africa Synth (program)
61: Toto Rock Piano (program)
62: Toto Rock Piano & Pad (program) 
63: Rosanna Piano & Organ (combi) 
64: Rosanna Synth Brass (program) 
65: Bottom Of Your Soul Intro (combi) 
66: Mr Friendly (combi)
67: Home Of The Brave Intro (combi) 
68: 99 Solo Synth (program)
69: Stop Loving You DX (program)

4) 80'S Cover Pack

70: Walk of Life (combi) 
71: I just died (combi) 
72: Livin' on a prayer intro (combi) 
73: Livin' on a prayer synth (program) 
74: Livin' on a prayer ritorn. (combi) 
75: Sweet dreams (combi) 
76: Sweet dreams synth piano strings (combi)
77: Eye in the sky clavinet (program)
78: Eye in the sky (combi)
79: The final countdown (combi) 
80: The final countdown pad (program) 
81: Take on me intro (program) 
82: Take on me 1 (combi)  
83: Take on me 2 (combi) 
84: Take on me 3 (combi) 
85: Another day in paradise (combi) 
86: Don't me (combi) 
87: Enola gay (combi) 
88: Tom Sawyer (combi)
89: Thriller (program) 
90: Jump synth brass (program)  
91: Rockit HH (program) 
92: Axel F Synth (program)

5) Bonus DX Pack

71-127 original patches from DX keyboards.


Published in Programmer

A complete set of 50 new patches for your Trinity

"This is one of my favourite libraries, maybe because I think Korg Trinity is still the best Korg WS ever made in terms of sound power. This collection is a classic, with almost 100.000 visualizations on Youtube. Always powered by Leadsounds"

Claudio G. "Dladio" Fusillo, sound designer

This collection is a classic always powered by Leadsounds

S4K Complete Trinity Collection by Dladio
( Vintage Collection + Ultimate Leads V3 )

Patches List:

Vintage Collection:
-- Stereo Grand Piano
-- Rhodes
-- Wurlitzer
-- Clavinet
-- Piano & Pads
-- Piano & strings
-- PNL+SLD String
-- Psyco Rhodes
-- Hammy Clone
-- Mellotron
-- Orchestral

Ultimate Leads V3
• Pig Riff
• Jd Groove
• KeySolo
• Continuum Pads
• Analog Stack
• Analog Lead
• Monster Planet
• Monster Lead
• Liquid Lead
• Liquid Wah
• New Wah Lead
• Dw8 Lead
• Soft Dw8 Lead
• Modern Power
• Power Lead
• Velo Wha Lead
• Iron Lead
• Fuzz Lead
• Fuzz Poly
• Wailing lead
• Classic Lead
• Sitar Riff

PINK FLOYD COVER PACK: 10 new patches

Awaked Lead, Awaked Organ, Awaked Bells, Awaked Saw Lead.


Sampled Sounds:

Kurzy piano ( PBS TRI VERSION )

Published in Programmer


The Complete Pink Floyd Anthology Patched by Alex Di Donna for: KORG KRONOS - OASYS - M3 / M50 / KROME 



64 New COMBIs and More of 128 PROGRAMs

Patches List ( Combi Mode )


E001    Astronomy LFO    
E002    UG Farfisa Compact Duo
E003    UG Farfisa Compact LFO
E004    UG Farfisa COmpact Atmos
E005    Wright M.Flute          * 
E005    Sysyphus Orchestron     *
E006    More Organ
E007    Funky Dung Organ
E008    Saucerful Draws
E010    Remembering Atom&Pompei
E011    Celestial Organ
E012    Psychedelic Organ
E013    1of These Days (-Y) SW2  *
E014    Echoes Patch SW1         *
E015    Breathe in the air       *
E016    On The run patch         *
E017    Time Patch 1             *
E018    Time Patch 2
E019    The Great Patch SW1
E020    Money Patch SW1          *
E021    Us & Them Patch SW2      *
E022    Any Colour you like
E023    Brain Damage 1           *
E024    Damage Squares
E025    Eclipse                  *
E026    Shine on You Crazy Patch *
E027    Shine on 2
E028    Shine Solo
E029    Have a Cigar Patch
E030    WYWH               *
E031    Sheep Patch SW2
E032    Pigs Patch
E033    In The Flesh 1           *
E034    In The Flesh 2
E035    The Thin Ice Patch
E036    Brick II Patch 1/2       *
E037    Brick II Patch 2/2
E038    One of my Pads
E039    Don't Leave the Patch!k6
E040    ITF PT.2
E041    Comfortably Patch SW 2   *
E042    Comfortably Strings
E043    Run Like Leslie
E044    Run Like Solo
E045    Young Lust Patch SW1
E046    Hey You I SW2
E047    Hey You II
E048    Hey You III +Y K7
E049    Signs of Synth
E050    On The Turning Patch SW2
E051    Sorrow 1                 
E052    Sorrow 2                 *
E053    Sorrow 3                 *
E054    Sorrow 4
E055    Cluster One Patch (Only for 88keys)
E056    What d'U Want fromPatch?
E057    Marooned I
E058    Marooned II SW2
E059    Wearing Inside Out Patch
E060    Coming Back to Patch!
E061    Keep the Pads!
E062    The Endless Patch        *
E063    The Endless 2            *

*Samples used

Patched by Alex Di Donna (S4K Team)



Published in Programmer
Wednesday, 04 February 2015 00:00

Classic Rock Keys Collection - Nord Electro 4

The patches were created using the original samples (included in DVDs you find in the original package of the NORD ELECTRO 4)
and adequately setting drawbars and effects in order to get the sounds identical to the original performances .
For example: for the sounds of The Doors the VOX CONTINENTAL organ was used, for the sounds of Deep Purple a HAMMOND B3 organ was used, for the electric piano of Pink Floyd and The Doors the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer samples were used and so on.

Le programmazioni sono state effettuate usando i campioni originali (inclusi nei DVDs che accompagnano l'acquisto
della NORD ELECTRO 4) e settando adeguatamente le drawbars e gli effetti per ottenere i suoni uguali alle esecuzioni originali.
Ad esempio: per i suoni dei The Doors è stato usato il suono dell'organo VOX CONTINENTAL, per i suoni dei Deep Purple dell'organo
HAMMOND B3, per il piano elettrico di Pink Floyd e The Doors sono stati usati i suoni di FENDER RHODES e WURLITZER e così via.



Pink Floyd - What do you want from me (Rhodes electric piano) +

Pink floyd - Echoes (Live at Pompei version organ) +

Pink Floyd - Us and them (Organ) +

The Doors - Riders on the storm (Rhodes electric piano) +

The Doors - People are strange (Clavinet) +

The Doors - Love street (Piano) +

The Doors - Love me two times (Clavinet) +

The Doors - Light my fire (Organ) +

Led Zeppelin - Thank you (Organ) +

Deep Purple - Smoke on the water (Organ) +

Deep Purple - Highway star (Organ) +

Elton John - Daniel (Electric piano) +

Procol Harum - A whiter shade of pale (Organ)+

Bob Marley - No woman no cry (Organ) +

Percy Sledge - When a man loves a woman (Organ) +

Published in Programmer
Saturday, 17 January 2015 17:16


This collection contains 12 patches for Roland SH-201, inspired by the most famous sounds of Pink Floyd and programmed by JudoLudo.



A1. PF Brick Pad
A2. PF Any Lead
A3. PF Brain Lead
A4. PF Shine Lead
A5. PF Brick Brass Guitar Solo
A6. PF Mother Pipe Pad
A7. PF Hey U Buzz FX
A8. PF Is There AnyPad
B1. PF Brick pt.3 bouncing delay
B2. PF Learning
B3. PF Pigs Strings
B4. PF Time Synth Bass


Published in Programmer