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Sunday, 11 January 2015 16:54
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6 years ago
  • shadystraz
    6 years ago

    I have been away for a while do to family illnesses. But i return with a great video from Derek Sherinian.…

    Enjoy and Subscribe

  • shadystraz
    6 years ago

    Anyone interested in booking lessons with me for Synth lessons, feel free to email me at
    1st lesson is free (1hour).. Follow up lessons will be £40 for 50 minutes..

    Lessons via Skype
    Payments via PayPal

    Helping you be the creative musician you wish to be.

    - Don't be the best. Be BETTER - SS2016

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  • shadystraz created a new forum topic Korg M50 Patches

    Anyone have any questions about the M50.... Or about my patches, feel free to post questions here and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can... I will soon be starting sessions on teaching...

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  • shadystraz
    6 years ago…

    New video... Check it out and subscribe to Derek's new channel fellow Synth users ;-) - feeling happy

    Shadystraz360 - The MONSTER Has AWAKENED

    A small quick vid telling you all about Derek Sherinian's new youtube channel... He is going to be releasing a new video every week, so if you don't wanna mi...

  • shadystraz
    6 years ago

    Synthonia users....
    Keep up with the Monsterous works of keyboard kegend Derek Sherinian...

    New vids each week showing some of his secrets of the studio.

    Subscribe so you dont miss out…

  • shadystraz
    6 years ago

    After seeing Dream Theater perform their new album "The Astonishing" in full...
    I'm thinking of doing the impossible (As i usually do)

    What do people think about a new full pack collection.. "The Astonishing"..

    It's a BIG project. And will be difficult, as it contains lots of Sounds & Effects..
    But after seeing Jordan perform it live, I can narrow down the Important parts..

    Any thoughts?? - feeling happy

  • shadystraz
    6 years ago

    Just to let fellow Synthonia users know...
    Soon I will be offering Programming lessons via Skype to help Keyboardists in creating sounds... I am an M50 & Triton user, but the principle of creating a sound is the same for any synth... I will guide you through the steps needed in order to create

    Time/Prices can be arranged, and the 1st lesson will be free...
    Feel free to contact for more info - feeling happy

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  • shadystraz
    6 years ago…

    A classic Iron Maiden song... The Trooper from the album Piece Of Mind.

    It started by just playing on the guitar, but after jamming with the M50 I found that the Monster Lead was perfect for this. So i just hooked up the Mic, Camera and Amp and just went away to make Guitar & Keyboard Harmony.

    Using a Hammond patch on the Triton for the Guitar Solo - feeling happy

  • shadystraz
    6 years ago…

    Playing another track from the album "The Root Of All Evil" by Midnight Messiah.... Thirty Pieces Of Silver...

    Rockin track... \o/ - feeling happy

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  • shadystraz
    6 years ago

    I have to say.... I have received a lot of support and encouragment regarding my project. And it is amazing to see, especially since it's my 1st one.. But also very humbling to see the small impact i have made within the S4K community..

    Receiving Positive feedback is aways a bonus, and i look forward to bringing this forward.

    Thank you all..

    And keep ROCKIN \o/ - feeling blessed

  • shadystraz
    6 years ago…

    Stay tuned all.... - feeling excited

    Upcoming Album

    1st Solo Album.... Coming Soon I would like to thank those who are taking part in my Upcoming new project.. Zac Staylon - Drums, Keyboards (No. 1 Musical Par...

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  • shadystraz
    6 years ago

    It has been confirmed. I will be writing my 1st "offical" solo album...

    A number of musicians will be taking part in this little project, and I thank those who have supported the idea...

    There is also a "Special Guest" which i will reveal when the time is right....

    Writing will start in 2016...

    Gonna be interesting - feeling excited

  • shadystraz
    6 years ago

    Solid breakthrough in the M50.... Have found something that has turned the Monster Lead into something entierly new and EXTREMELY POWERFUL....

    Will be making a new video to demo the strength of this Lead...
    And it's power... - feeling happy

  • shadystraz
    7 years ago

    The Count Of Tuscany has been completed.... Just going through each patch to ensure it's accuracy and clarity.... Then gotta re-work one more pack, and a new Full Album pack will be made available soon....

    STAY TUNED.... - feeling happy

  • shadystraz
    7 years ago

    Ok... Just created a new Facebook account... My old one is no longer in use..

    Anyone who was following me before "Shady Straz 360... can follow me on my new one

    "Shady Straz"

    Took a long time, but decided to create a new one since FB were getting me no where

  • shadystraz
    7 years ago…

    Jamming to a track by the band Midnight Messiah entitled "Midnight Messiah"

    This was one of the tracks gonna be played live with the band, but due to situations beyond control, didn't pan out....

    But I did this anyway... Powerful song.. - feeling happy

    Midnight Messiah with Keyboards

    This is a song from the album by Midnight Messiah (Originally by Elixir). Members: Paul Taylor - Vocals Dave Strange - Guitars Phil Denton - Guitars Alex Mac...