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LDX17 - Starlight Pack - Korg MS-2000

Sales Price: 14 €
Discounted Price: 9,00 €
Korg MS-2000 Muse Cover pack... Turn your Ms-2000 in a Monster with this aggressive leads collection... 10 new patches !
Added by Leadsounds


Korg MS-2000 Muse Cover pack, turn your Micro in a Monster with this aggressive leads collection! 10 new patches !



Patches List:
A14: Starlight arpeggiator
B13: Take A Bow
B26: Supermassive Bass
A52: Uprising Bass
B51: Uprising lead
B52: Uprising arpeggiator
A61: Bliss intro
A62: Bliss lead
A63: Neutron star arp1
A64: Neutron star arp2

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