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LFO051 - Symbiosis - MicroKorg VST ( 128 presets )

Tags: Korg Microkorg VST VST ambient musicsoundtrack analog
Sales Price: 29 €
Discounted Price: 25,00 €
Welcome to the "Symbiosis" soundset for the Korg MicroKorg VST. 128 most beautiful, warm, analog & deep sounds!
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LFO051 - Symbiosis - MicroKorg VST ( 128 presets ) - Details

We put all our effort in the most popular digital synth of our era – Korg MicroKorg VST ! Its unique architecture & synth engine capabilities, giving a true sound design freedom!
Symbiosis” soundset contains all type of sounds which are ready to go in your current track like massive & glorious strings & brasses, lushiest ambient pads & drones, cosmic plucks & bells, deep & monster basses, organic arps & sequences, emulations of iconic sounds, fx sounds... 128 new sounds ! 



Massive & glorious strings & brasses
Lushiest ambient pads & drones
Cosmic plucks & bells
Deep & monster basses
Organic arps & sequences
Emulations of iconic sounds
Fx Sounds

Patches List:

NK Entrance
NK Layer Arp
NK Poly Arp
NK Bass Ball
NK Goa Arp
NK Mono LD
NK Danger Pa
NK Deep Detu
NK Vox Arp
NK Uni Lead
NK ShortPoly
NK Warm Stri
NK Jupiter
NK Vox Lead
NK Church Pd
NK True Old 3
NK BP Sweep
NK Morph Arp
NK Voices
NK Minimoog
NK Monk
NK Alien Dro
NK Fat Lead
NK Dreamer
NK Dreamer2
NK Dreamer3
NK Landing
NK Landing2
NK Hypno
NK Slow Retr
NK Poly Arp
NK Bella
NK Swinging
NK Seqqua
NK Micro Q
NK Dropz
NK Uni Power
NK ©Layerz
NK VintageOn
NK Fog Pad
NK Steps
NK Leading
NK Clocks
NK DubbAss
NK 73 Arp
NK 303 GO!
NK Metallic
NK PhazedBel
NK Tryptamin
NK Neurobase
NK PolySynth
NK Spirit
NK Oribital
NK GreenTree
NK Triplets
NK CometPad
NK Rotator
NK Classic B
NK Box
NK Ring Bass
NK Blue Arp
NK Moving Le
NK Gladiator
NK Modular A
NK Line
NK MonoMonst
NK Sync Arp
NK Silk Stri
NK Little Pr
NK Brassy
NK Pure Glas
NK Big St
NK Saturn PD
NK MW Magic
NK Cinematic
NK Green Pd
NK Harmonic
NK Monstah
NK Run!
NK One Shot
NK Juno60
NK SyncGo
NK Dark Bass
NK Windy
NK Sirius Ar
NK Big Strin
NK Main Lead
NK OrbitalAr
NK Detroit
NK Detroit2
NK Noisy ARP
NK Laizy One
NK Uni One
NK Ghost
NK Silky ST
NK PofyKey
NK SaturnRin
NK MonoTwo
NK Echo Drop
NK 7th Solo
NK Water Dro
NK Fill
NK KorgyArp
NK Pro5
NK WerkArp
NK Juno60
NK Gate
NK Big St
NK Beauity
NK Module 01
NK Blast Bas
NK MS-20
NK SweetP
NK Crystalic
NK Uni2000
NK Wobbler
NK RealStr
NK Drift
NK Solina

Korg ® is a registered trademark of Korg Inc which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


LFO051 - Symbiosis - MicroKorg VST ( 128 presets ) Video Preview