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OTL034 - A New Level - Korg Opsix / Se ( 50 presets )

Sales Price: 25 €
Discounted Price: 18,00 €
Here you will find all that is required to make your audience shake their bodies: boomy basses, bright modulated leads, playful arpeggios, useful plucks, and much more... 50 new sounds!
Added by OttoLfo

OTL034 - A New Level - Korg Opsix / Se ( 50 presets ) - Details

The truth is born in the experiment! We took the most of the legendary Korg Opsix / Se synthesizer, using sophisticated modulation techniques and FM synthesis circuits to produce outstanding, vibrant sounds that can take musical compositions to the next level! Now we can safely state that we succeeded !
This unique soundbank is full of flowing arpeggios, deeply immersive pads, non-trivial effects, piercing plucks, bright and memorable leads and much more! These 50 exclusive presets were created by the well-known sound designer, Otto K. Schwarz, and suitable for both hardware and software versions of the synthesizer.
Each preset has modwheel and LFOs assigned, which allows you to deeply modulate and customize the sounds, to meet the needs of your own musical works. These sounds are suitable for both studio work and live performances, and may be used in the different styles of music.
We wish you an amazing sonic experience! Use your favorite Korg Opsix synthesizer to let your musical compositions reach a new quality level!

Suitable for both Korg Opsix hardware and software versions !


Download instructions for this sounds pack

50 Opsix presets, incl.:

    10 Arps;
    4 Basses;
    6 FXes;
    12 Pads;
    8 Plucks;
    10 Synths (Keys/Leads).

Korg ® is a registered trademark of Korg Inc which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


OTL034 - A New Level - Korg Opsix / Se ( 50 presets ) Video Preview