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LDX024 - Leads Pack - Korg Radias ( 12 presets )

Sales Price: 19 €
Discounted Price: 14,00 €
A lead sounds collection for your Korg Radias... 12 new patches
Added by Leadsounds


A unique collection of 12 leads for Korg Radias that allows your to add personality to your synth. Useful for rock and metal players.



Patches List:

- Liquid Lead
Inspired by Jordan Rudess's Liquid Lead on Kurzweil keyboards
It has Feedback effect on Modulation wheel.

- Monster Lead
Inspired by Derek Sherinian's lead sound
It has a Wha effect on Modulation wheel.

- Power Lead
Inspired by the classic lead sound used by prog/metal artists

- Pig Lead
Inspired by the Snarlin' Pig sound of Jordan Rudess

- Octavarium Solo Lead
Inspired by the Moog Modular sound used in the keyboard solo section played by Jordan
Rudess in the song “Octavarium” by Dream Theater

- Velo Lead
A free interpration of Italian Fusion keyboardist Alex Argento 's lead sound
It has a little filter cutoff control on velocity

- Fuzz Lead
Inspired by another Sherinian's Lead sound
It has Wha effect on modulation wheel.

- Wailing Lead
Inspired by the famous preset sound of Roland JD800 synthesizer.
It has a wha effect and a bit of filter cutoff control on Modulation wheel.

- Delay Lama Lead
A classic moog-style sound whit a lot of Delay effect, for expressive solos.

- Theremin Lead
A simple emulation of the classic sound of Theremin .
Great to use for Halloween music theme!
It has an automatic vibrato, to use it easily whit other sounds (you don't have to put your
left hand on mod wheel!)

- Sine Lead
A simple sine lead in moog-stlye.

- Funky Lead
A very groovy lead for funky-style solos!

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