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K27013 - Coverlogia V1 - Kurzweil K2700 ( 58 presets )

Sales Price: 49 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
58 new patches for Kurzweil K2700. Coverlogia V1 features patches inspired by some of the most important songs by rock giants Queen, Van Halen, Europe and many other artists of the 80's.
Added by Leadsounds


This sound set consists of a series of faithful reproductions of iconic sounds, most of which come from famous bands through the 80s and 90s such as Queen, Van Halen, Europe and many other artists.
These sounds, completely designed for our new K2700 synthesizer, are playable both in "Multi" and "Live" mode with their arpeggiators and their dedicated function keys and in "Program" mode. Each sound has its own controls such as ribbons, sliders to determine the attack and release level of the sound, of course. In the "PARAMS" section you can also see which controls have been assigned to the sound you use.




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Patches List:


Bev Hills Lead
Bev Hills Bass
Bev Hills Stab
Bev Hills Noise
Mr.C Bass
Crockett Bass
Crockett Bass Env
Synth Arp
Money Bass Dist
Money Env Wave
Money Lead
Pad Brass
Save Prayer
Gaga Arp
Thriller S.Brass
Blade Env
Blade Arpeggiato
Separate Ways
Tom Sawyer Bass
Tom Sawyer Lead
Hills Bass
Lemon Tree
Blade Cs
Money Freety
Kit Drum
Kit Drum 1
Power Piano
Gaga Plus
Money Clav2
Money Arp
Mr.C Org Str
Show Must Go On
Crockett Pad
Crockett Choir
Money Pad
Money Pad Phased
Airvox Pad
Thriller Pad
Blade Strings
Want to Brk F


Hills Cop II
Crockett's Theme
Save a Prayer
Show Must go on
Radio Gaga
Thriller S.Brass
Lemon Tree
Blade R Theme
Separate Ways
Tom Sawyer
I want to break F

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