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ASL025 - Phenomena - Nord Electro 6 Series

Sales Price: 69 €
Discounted Price: 54,00 €
Phenomena is a complete new bundle created with new high quality samples and programs: 60 new high quality sounds for Nord Electro 6.
Added by Anthony


Phenomena is a complete new bundle created with new high quality samples and programs,

Cinematic, Creative, Orchestral, Piano and Synth Piano, Modern Keys, Arpeggiators, Synth Leads, Bells, Power Brass Sections and many more sounds, accurately sampled and programmed by Anthony Panebianco.


"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles"


Patches List:

Grandioso Legato
SlapBack Motion
Filtron Pluck
NewDawn Piano
Piano Slapback
Filtron Nebula
Rio Nights 87
Grandioso Bright
Magical HarpBell
JX8 Father Son
Crystal Mutation
Crystal Glasses
Rocky Brass SFZ
Memorytron Pad
Prague Philarmon
Patagonia Moo
Patagonia Sky
Digital Taste
DigitalTaste Pad
Opera Pizz Ens
Australian Bells
Australian Pad
Rainy Day
Rainy Piano
Sicily Brass
Crispy B3 Class
Harlem ServiceB3
Harlem Full B3
B3 PianoPad Splt
B3 RhodesPad Spt
Etna Brass
Into the Forest
Motion Opera Piz
Rhodes Glasses
Living Reverse
Sweet Atmosphere
Wawhy Landscape
Glitter EPiano
Froggy Rhodes
Grandioso Choir1
Grandioso Choir2
Cloudy Boy
Cloudy Landscape
Cloudy FreeArp
Modern Saw Poly
Modern Saw Flang
Scanner Saw Pad
ModSaw Clean Pad
Dark Elite Pad
Dark Elite Chop
Super Slow Pad
Super Slow Pad 2
Auto Portamento
Grandioso Churc
Rhodes Landscape
Ballad Modern
Reflection Piano
Bubble B3 delay

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