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ASL005 - Red Giant XL / Bundle Pack Vol 1&2 - Nord Electro 6

Sales Price: 138 €
Discounted Price: 109,00 €
is created for every keyboard player who needs great high quality sound under his fingertips, the library explores about 3 decade of synthesis. Bundle Pack: Red Giant Library Volume 1 + Red Giant Library Volume 2... 86 New High Quality Custom Programs
Added by Anthony
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Custom Sound Library for Nord Electro 6 programmed and played by Anthony Panebianco.

Red Giant Library is created for every keyboard player who needs great high quality sound under his fingertips; the library explores about 3 decade of synthesis.

"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles"  

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Red Giant Library Volume 1 

Patches List: ( 43 New Patches )
80s PolySuperSaw
Analog Hand Arp
Analog Area
Be or not B
Bells World
Big Rhodes Stage
Black Fire Flute
Call as Maria
Clark Tenor Sax
Dance Poly Delay
Dark Jazzy Taste
Drone Handy Arp
Fake Percussion
Fernet Organ
Funk Revolution
Gentle BellsPad
Getto Move Pad
Godfather Sicily
Ground ClavBrass
Head Hunter
Here I go again
Hoedown Elp
In the mirror
Japan Stardust
Krystalizer Keys
Legend Filter
Lunaer Rhodes
Nostalgia Track
Osaka DigiAnalog
Other World Keys
Remeber Prophy
Rising Star Pad
Shankar Dream
Sphere Bells
Stevie The Duck
Stronger Piano X
SuperPhased Pad
Tarkus Organ
The Funk Session

Red Giant Library Volume 2

Patches List: ( 43 Programs )
Acid Synth Clav
Africa Analog
Africa Solo
Amoruso Rhodes
Analog Keys Feel
Andromeda Pad
Blackned Magic
Borealis PianoPd
Bubble Pizz
Chicago Brass
Dco SynthPiano 3
Dco SynthPiano
Earth Brass
Espinado Split
Extra DryDcoClav
Filter Dco Delay
Frefall Split
Froggy Mod Clav
Gorgeus Analog
Guess Clavinet
Have Funk Clav
Hibryd Piano 80
Klock Organ Perc
Legendary Poly
Lord in child
Lounge Solo Splt
Meditation Pad
Memory Filt Splt
Mushroom90 Keys
New Latin Piano
New Pop Horns
Octave Session
Old Wood Power X
Perfect Duo
Pop and Pop
Soft Analog Pad
Stones in Faces
Toxic Clav
Wooden Pad x


Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for