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RCL011 - Alessandria Church Organ - Nord Stage 2 / 2 EX ( 29 presets )

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
"Alessandria Church Organ" sound bank includes 29 new high quality church organs sounds for your Nord Stage 2 / 2 EX.

RCL011 - Alessandria Church Organ - Nord Stage 2 / 2 EX ( 29 presets ) - Details

Alessandria is a city in the north-west part of Italy. It is located almost just in between 3 big cities: Milan, Turin and Genoa. The church of San Giovanni Evangelista originally was built in 1905, and was successively restored during the last few years.
Thanks to the efforts of the priest of the church, Don Claudio Moschini, the new organ was built in 2010 by the well known and appreciated company Mascioni. It is a 45 stop 3 manual organ consisting of 5 divisions: Grande Organo, Positivo, Recitativo espressivo, Pedale and Tuba. The tonal composition representing romantic-symphonic style was designed by M°Massimo Nosetti.  One of the very interesting features is the Tuba 8′ stop, which is supplied by a separate blower. It’s a high pressure stop running at pressure of 400 mm, which is unique in Italy.


The Mascioni company is one of the oldest organ factories in Europe and has been active since 1829 and is a member of the ISO (International Society of Organbuilders). In their workshops, the art of organ building has been handed down from father to son, for six generations the Mascioni family has been building organs and for 40 years it has been restoring historic organs.



Sampled Timbre Register:

Grande Organo

Principale 8’
Flauto Doppio 8’
Ottava 4’
Quintadecima 2’


Flauto a Camino 8’
Flauto a Cuspide 4’
Flauto in XII 2.2/3’

Recitativo Espressivo

Corno di Notte 8’
Salicionale 8’
Oboe 8’


Subbasso 16’
Basso 8’

"This Nord library is a collection of samples only"


Download instructions for this sounds packPatches List:
GO Flauto Doppio 8
GO Ottava 4
GO Principale 8
GO Quintadecima 2
Grand Organo
P Basso 8
P Subbasso 16
Pleno 1
Pleno 2
POS Flauto a Camino 8
POS Flauto a Cuspide 4
POS Flauto in XII 2 23
Prin 8 + FC 4 + F 2
Princ 8 + Flauto C 4
Princ 8 + Flauto D 8
Princ 8+4 + Quinta 2
Princ8 + FD 8 + FC 4
Principale 8 + Oboe 8
Principale 8+4
REC Corno di Notte 8
REC Oboe 8
REC Salicionale 8
Sub 16 + Prin 8 + 4
Sub 16 + Prin 8 + Fl 4

The Samples that correspond to the single stops play over the entire range of the keyboard (therefore they also reach the 88 keys) while the combined samples (2 or more stops) play ONLY on the notes corresponding to the real ones of the organ, this means that the notes they may have differences in volume and timbre exactly as they do in reality. The combinations of several registers are however extended to the highest and lowest notes by extending the last real note.

Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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