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RCL006 - Ledziny, St. Clement Organ - Nord Electro 5 ( 26 presets )

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
"Ledziny, St.Clement Organ" sound bank includes 26 new high quality church organs sounds for your Nord Electro 5.

RCL006 - Ledziny, St. Clement Organ - Nord Electro 5 ( 26 presets ) - Details

Lędziny is a city located in southern Poland, in the industrial region of Upper Silesia. Lędziny parish is one of the oldest in Upper Silesia. The first mention of the parish dates back to the 13th century. The present church was built in 1769. The church is located on a small mountain and is a good observation point.
The organ was completely restored in 1999-2000 by Mons. Inż. Olgierd Nowakowski.
The Organ was captured with the use of multiple condenser microphones combined together in order to keep the original sound field as much as possible. We added some Nord FX in order to recreate the same ambience.

Its configuration is as follows:


Principal 8 Fuß
Salicet 8 Fuß
Portunal-Flöte 8 Fuß
Flaut major 8 Fuß
Principal 4 Fuß
Flauto traverse 4 Fuß
Quinte 2 2/3 Fuß Octave 2 Fuß
Mixtur 2 fach


Subbaß 16 Fuß
Principalbaß 8 Fuß
Violoncello 8 Fuß

"This Nord library is a collection of samples only"


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Patches List:

Flaut Major 8
Flaut Major 8 + Principal 4
Flauto Major 8 + Flauto Traverse 4
Flauto Traverse 4
Manuali Tutti
Mixtur 2 Fach
Pedali Tutti
Pleno 1
Pleno 2
Portunal Flote 8
Principal 8
Principal 4
Principal 8 + 4
Principal 8 + 4 + Quinte
Principal 8 + 4 + Quinte + Mixture
Principal Bass 8
Quinte + Octave 2
Salicet 8
Salicet 8 + Principal 4
Subbass 16 + Principal 8
Subbass 16 + Principal 8+4
Subbass 16 + Principal 8+4 + Quinte
Subbass 16
ViolonCello 8

The real extension of the organ start from C2 to F6 for the manual and from C2 to D4 for the pedal board.
The Samples that correspond to the single stops play over the entire range of the keyboard (therefore they also reach the 88 keys) while the combined samples (2 or more stops) play ONLY on the notes corresponding to the real ones of the organ, this means that the notes they may have differences in volume and timbre exactly as they do in reality. The combinations of several registers are however extended to the highest and lowest notes by extending the last real note.

Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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