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LFO001 - Analog Dreams - Softube Model 80 ( 50 presets )

Sales Price: 19 €
Discounted Price: 15,00 €
Analog Dreams contains 50 organic presets useful in various musical genres such as cinematic, electronic, ambient, retrowave.
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LFO001 - Analog Dreams - Softube Model 80 ( 50 presets ) - Details

Finally one of the most iconic synthesizers of 80S – Prophet-5 re-created in software format and sound really close to the original.

Thanks to Softube – now we are having stable Juno synthesizer – Model 80!

No more expensive searchings of pricey original for thousands of dollars – all is stable and ready to go in your track on your computer!

Introducing “Analog Dreams” Soundset with 50 organic & dynamic presets.

All the presets are MW, Velo & Aftertouch programmed.

Easy installing with our instructions.

Made by chief sound engeneer of LFO.store – Nick Klimenko.

From Ambient & Electronica to SynthWave & SynthPop with benefits of analog synthesis.

Turn the potential of your powerful synthesizer on maximum & may music be with you !



Features ( 50 sounds ):
Big authtentic strings
Dark pads
Sweeps & drones
Inverted sounds
Deep basses
Beautiful Poly’s
Edge synth plucks
Edge Leads

Softube ® is a registered trademark of Softube electronics which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


LFO001 - Analog Dreams - Softube Model 80 ( 50 presets ) Video Preview