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VTL009 - The Very Best of Analog Synth - Waldorf Blofeld / Desktop ( 128 presets )

Sales Price: 59 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
The Very Best of Analog Synth is the new original custom soundset for Waldorf Blofeld. 128 unique patches and 100% analogue flavour!
Added by Vortebor

VTL009 - The Very Best of Analog Synth - Waldorf Blofeld / Desktop ( 128 presets ) - Details

The Very Best of Analog Synth is the new original custom soundset for Waldorf Blofeld128 unique patches and 100% analogue flavour. Great sounds like you've never heard in any other Blofeld soundset. 



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Patches List:

A001 Warm PPG GR
A002 Solina String GR
A003 From 70ties GR
A004 Fat Moog Bass GR
A005 Vintage Pad GR
A006 CombPad GR
A007 VangeIis Hymn GR
A008 Pulsing GR
A009 Marimba GR
A010 Slow Pad GR
A011 ResoPad '80 GR
A012 OB Key GR
A013 Vintage Orch GR
A014 OB-X Bells GR
A015 Dark Pad GR
A016 Flute 5th GR
A017 Hollow Pad GR
A018 PPG Res 5th GR
A019 Moog Bazz GR
A020 Moog LFO Fltr GR
A021 OB SquareMod GR
A022 Fairlight Key GR
A023 SyntArp GR
A024 Beauty Pad GR
A025 Space Sweep GR
A026 Tremolo Rezz GR
A027 Nice Ice GR
A028 Fantasia GR
A029 Titolus GR
A030 Analog Sus BR GR
A031 Wow Ho LFO GR
A032 Obx BrightWaveGR
A033 Prophet Brass GR
A034 Sawyer Bass GR
A035 Super Lead GR
A036 PolyMoog Str GR
A037 PolyMoog Str GR
A038 PolySynth GR
A039 Moog Strings GR
A040 Wide Strings GR
A041 French Horns GR
A042 Plucked BP GR
A043 Wave Lead GR
A044 WarmPad GR
A045 LFO Brass GR
A046 Oberheim Pad GR
A047 Carillon GR
A048 Vs Piano GR
A049 OB HP Filter GR
A050 CS-80 Brass GR
A051 Horn Pad GR
A052 Pseudo Organ GR
A053 Prophet 6 GR
A054 FilterPad GR
A055 Acid Bass GR
A056 Batty Bass GR
A057 Rezo Bass GR
A058 90s Bass GR
A059 Warm P5 GR
A060 PolyDetuned GR
A061 SynthPad GR
A062 Hammer Lead GR
A063 Harm Gulper GR
A064 PW ResoPad GR
A065 OBx Pad 2 GR
A066 Slasher Stab GR
A067 Oddysey 2001 GR
A068 DigiHarp GR
A069 Jupiter Arp GR
A070 G|ory Pad GR
A071 SawArp GR
A072 OB Softstring GR
A073 Sakral GR
A074 PolyGlide GR
A075 Abba Polymoog GR
A076 Classic Mini GR
A077 Jupiter Soft GR
A078 PWM Pad GR
A079 Deep Strings GR
A080 Moog Lead 5 GR
A081 Analog Brass GR
A082 Flamenco GR
A083 Funkytown GR
A084 Like Moog GR
A085 Olimpic Star GR
A086 PPG Brass GR
A087 Sync Lead GR
A088 Moog Bass 1 GR
A089 Moog Bass 2 GR
A090 Synthetic Pno GR
A091 AngelPiano GR
A092 PWM Strings GR
A093 Plk Jupiter GR
A094 Lucky Lead GR
A095 SweepSaw GR
A096 Obx Brass GR
A097 Short Strings GR
A098 Galaxy Bells GR
A099 Sirius Intro GR
A100 Celeste EP GR
A101 Chorus EP GR
A102 Glide Pad GR
A103 Foam Pad GR
A104 Pan Pad GR
A105 Vocalist CH GR
A106 Pad Theory GR
A107 Jupiter Pad GR
A108 Juno Strings GR
A109 Swell Pad GR
A110 Pulse LFO Pad GR
A111 Obx Classic GR
A112 Lead 5th GR
A113 PolySaw GR
A114 Raw Brass P5 GR
A115 Prayer Pulse GR
A116 Prayer Lead GR
A117 P5 Butterfish GR
A118 Jupiter Brass GR
A119 Pissed Off GR
A120 Cristal GR
A121 OB Laser Harp GR
A122 Pan-orama GR
A123 Pure'Tronic GR
A124 SuperMoog GR
A125 MaxiPad GR
A126 Analog BD GR
A127 Analog SD GR
A128 Analog HH GR

Waldorf ® is a registered trademark of Waldorf Music GmbH which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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