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LDX121 - T9T9 Cover Pack - Yamaha Motif XS / XF / RACK ( 12 presets )

Sales Price: 29 €
Discounted Price: 14,00 €
A collection of sounds for the Yamaha Motif XS/XF/RACK inspired by some famous songs by Toto... 12 new patches!
Added by Fabio


This pack includes 12 of the most famous sounds you can hear in toto music. It is designed for Yamaha Motif XS / XF / RACK  and programmed by Fabio Piras.



Patches List: ( MASTER MODE )

1) Toto Rock Piano
Inspired by the rock piano on the Toto Live!
80's Strings on AF1
AEG relase +4 on AF2

2) Africa Synth Brass (New)
Inspired by the synth brass of “Africa”

3) Africa Marimba New
Inspired by the Marimba of “Africa”

4) Africa Synth Flute Solo AF1/AF2
Inspired by the flute solo sound of “Africa”.
Add Marimba on AF1
Marimba transpose -12 on AF2

5) Bottom Of Your Soul Pad
Inspired by the Pad intro of “Bottom Of Your Soul”

6) Mr Friendly Synth
Inspired by the intro of “Mr Friendly”
DX on velocity

7) H ome of the Brave Intro New
Inspired by the intro of “Home of the Brave”
Piano e strings on AF1

8) H ome of the Brave DX New
Inspired by the intro of “Home of the Brave”

9) 99 solo synth brass
Inspired by the Synth brass solo of “99”

10) Stop loving you DX Piano
Inspired by the DX piano of “Stop loving you”

11) Toto Rock Brass
Inspired by the bass sound with delay effect of “on
of these days” (Meddle – Pink Floyd)

12) Africa (complete cover  perform) (New)
This perform contain all the patches you need to
play "africa".
- Press AF1 and AF2 to change sounds !


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