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Products tagged as : Stage 3

Grandioso Library includes 25 new high quality orchestral sounds for your Nord Stage 3.

Phenomena is a complete new bundle created with new high quality samples and programs: 100 new high quality sounds for Nord Stage 3.

An essential collection useful to recreate the Stevie Wonder sound on your Nord Stage 3... 66 new sounds !

The Nord Stage 3 Synth Legends is a great collection of moving pads, organs, piano synths and clavinet inspired by the legendary synths by Roland®... 20 new sounds on about 175 MB new samples !

The library explores about 3 decade of synthesis. This is an essential selection of all you need for a complete and professional approach to your Nord Stage 3.... 30 new programs !

Finally available the great bundle pack for Nord Stage 3: The Modern Library + D-logia Library + The Future Library + 5 Bonus sounds... 128 new sounds !!!

This collection of sounds turns your Nord Stage 3 into a monster! Heavy leads, dreaming pads and abstract pianos can really inspire your music production... 30 new patches !